Federal Money for Education Grants

The Department of Education awards $300 million dollars in Government Grants to help low income students prepare for, attend, pay for and succeed at college.
By: Grant Team
Sept. 30, 2008 - PRLog -- July 28, 2008 – Las Vegas, NV  – College Tuitions are astronomical in this inflated economy. The effects of high education costs in this country have been trickling down to junior and senior high school students across the country for generations.

For so many financially challenged families across the nation, college is the least of topics at the dinner table. Most students in low income and high poverty areas anticipate getting a low paying job after high school and don’t expect to ever receive a college education.

These false notions prevent families from seeking the opportunities that await them. There are millions of dollars pending award. Most people will never apply for this money, mistakenly feeling that they don’t qualify, yet they never ask.

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Even before college, millions of dollars in government grants are allocated each year to programs that follow middle school students all the way through high school, instilling a desire and expectation of attending college, programs that enhance education and prepare students for undergraduate programs, and lead them to the appropriate foundations offering funds to pay for schooling.

Just this past September, $18 million dollars was awarded to nine Tallahassee schools in high poverty areas to implement college preparation programs in four school districts. These organizations are designed to offer something to middle and high school students that has remained illusive for decades; an education, and with it, an expectation of a better future.

There are thousands of federal and private foundations who specifically donate money for the purpose of education. Some of these organizations pay for college tuitions; others offer funds to implement programs to encourage kids to want to attend college, and most importantly, eliminate the false notion that middle and low income families can’t afford educational expenses.

There are so many granting organizations that are dedicated to making education a possibility for more Americans. Educated citizens improve our economy, our culture and our future.

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