How To Spot A Fake GHD Retailer | Does A Website Sell genuine GHD Iv Stylers

Find how you can tell if somebody likely to be selling fake GHD Hair Straighteners. There are a large number of site selling fake GHD IV stylers and this guide provides you with some tips and hints of how to aviod them.
By: GHD Styler Stcokists
Sept. 27, 2008 - PRLog -- It is possible to tell from looking at a pair of GHD’s if they are fake or not. The problem with this is if you are buying from a website or online you don’t often get to see the product in person - maybe a stock image if you are lucky. So, you many only discover you have bought counterfeit GHD hair straighteners once the crooks have taken your money. As many use offical or stock images to try and con you. Therefore prevention and caution is the best cause of action when buying GHD IV stylers.

The first thing to know is that counterfeit GHD stylers are often sold through auction sites such as eBay, Ebid, Cqout and Gumtree. Look at where the goods are being shipped from. If the item is being shipped from the Far East e.g. China or Hong Kong or the shipping time is more than 3 or 4 days, it is likely to be a fake product. These products are not licensed to be made in these countries. but factories out there are able to produce cheap GHD copyies. This is why the price looks attractive.

Look carefully at the price: If the price being offered looks too good to be true, it usually is a reflection of the product’s poor quality. prices starting from £60-£80 should set of alarm bells, If someone is selling a set of GHDs for this price they are making a heavy loss - and why would they do that. It’s not like the GHD is a hard product to sell - people love them.

Remember that the sellers of fake goods will try to deceive you. Statements in the seller’s auction of ‘genuine product’, ‘holograms and security seals’ do not guarantee the authenticity of the item. Many of the fake GHD sellers are copying the hologram and the security seal. You may thing whats the harm in buying a fake GHD, you get fake watches, CD’s, DVD’s, hand Bags, Clothes etc and they are goods copies. Well apart from it being illegal. Buying a fake electrical item is also very dangerous. The fake GHD hair straighteners have passed to EU safety tests and have been made with total disregard for safety. Also all you are buying is a GHD casing with a low grade poor quality straightening technology inside. A £9.99 hair straightener is a GHD case. With a GHD its the performance you want.

As i have mentioned before, there are only a handful of approved only retailer. I have again listed these below. All these websites are either run by salon owners with GHD blessing and knowledge or they have been approved to do so.

Checkout my website which has a full list of approved GHD internet stockists

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