In this uncertain economy, small businesses are saying, “NO” to expensive advertising.

They’re saying “YES” to free (and often much more effective) online marketing through web 2.0 sites such as,, etc.
By: Dan Dimit
Sept. 26, 2008 - PRLog -- Daniel Pereira, the owner of a small party business covering the Salt Lake Valley, stopped using traditional forms of advertising his business in favor of using free, interactive, social networking websites such as Youtube and Myspace.

Using kids’ social networking sites to advertise?? “Actually, only 1/3 of those using these sites are under the age of 18,” says Daniel, who, with his videos and blog posts completely dominated the online search engine results in a matter of a week. A result that would have cost him $3,000 per month through the online search engine optimization (SEO) services. But it didn’t cost him a dime! He added, “One of my bounce house renters told me when he looked online for other party businesses, and COULDN’T EVEN FIND ANYONE BUT ME!” If the customer had looked in the phone book, he would have found around 30 different party businesses. That’s a very strong online presence.

That’s pretty impressive, but other business owners want to know exactly how he’s doing it and is it LEGAL. As it turns out, it’s not only legal, but very profitable and gaining quickly in popularity. “They say this is the next internet wave and we believe them. That’s why we came up with the training program to show business owners how to do it.“, said Dan Dimit, co-creator of the program and the partner of Daniel Pereira.

How much does all this training cost?  According to Premier Internet Marketing, LLC it costs NOTHING. It’s free to get the beginner information. They say that’s all most small businesses need to get the results they’re looking for, whether they’re local or national, or even global. The full program is $97. This seems like a good deal, with the economy in a roller coaster ride these days.

For additional information on free advertising on the internet,  contact Dan Dimit at 801-201-7575 or visit  where a business can receive 2 free eBooks and a mini course on free website traffic  generation. The company also hosts a weekly conference call to answer questions.

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