The Baby Shower Diaper Cake Directions and Why You Should Make One

Baby shower diaper cake is becoming one of the most popular baby gifts lately. The questions are why you need it and what are the diaper cake directions. These are the most seek questions on the internet every single day...
By: Elaine Leo
Sept. 25, 2008 - PRLog -- Diaper cakes are becoming more and more popular nowadays. This is mainly because diaper cake is the perfect gift in baby shower party. The biggest advantage of making your own diaper cake is that it is not a difficult task. You just have to spend some time and put in some creativity and you will come up with your very own beautiful diaper cake.

One of the best things about having diaper cake as a baby shower gift is that the mother can readily make use of all the items in and on the diaper cake itself. For example, there are diapers, pins, baby towel, toys baby lotion and more. Below are the 4 fantastic reasons you should make you own diaper cake.

1. You have all the decision in making a diaper cake. You can choose according to the themes that you like. For example, if you think that the baby likes Hello Kitty, you can decorate your diaper cake according to this theme. You can even place a Hello Kitty toy on the diaper cake itself.

2. Making your own diaper cake is much cheaper than buying one. Why do you want to spend $50 to $150 just to buy a diaper cake whenever you can make one yourself? Moreover, making a diaper cake is not as difficult as it seems.

3. If you put in your effort to make your own diaper cake, it has more personal touch and it can impress the mother to the newborn. Let’s face it; nothing is much more expensive or important than spending your very own effort into making self-made gift.

4. By making a diaper cake on your own, you are actually squeezing your creativity and having fun in the process. Everybody wants to have fun in doing so, and this is one of the best opportunities for you to test yourself.

So, if you are having difficulties in choosing the perfect baby shower gift, you may want to make an elegant diaper cake as the perfect gift.

The above are the 4 reasons why you should choose a diaper cake as the perfect baby shower gift. And once you knew why you it is the perfect shower gift, it is now time for you to find out how you can make one. Below are the step-by-step baby diaper cake directions…

1. Before you can even start making your diaper cake, you must first get ready with all the necessary items to make one. The items that you need are like baby diapers of various sizes, baby lotion, baby toys, baby clothes, pins, ribbons, rubber band and so on.

2. Next, you need to start by making the foundation layers of your diaper cake. Get ready with around 50 diapers, open them, and roll them on a baby lotion bottle. Just keep rolling them and keep them tight. After that, use rubber bands to keep all the diapers together. Make sure they are tight enough so that they will not loosen and your cake will not collapse.

3. That is for the bottom layer. Now, to make the top layer of your diaper cake, you have to do the same step as above. This time, use around 15 diapers will do. And do not open the diapers, just roll them into the shape of a Swiss roll and tight each of them with rubber bands. Collect them all together in a cylindrical order and use a bigger rubber band to hold onto them.

4. Assemble both top and bottom layers together. Use ribbons to cover up the rubber bands so that your diaper cake will look more elegant. You are supposed to use light color ribbons because they look softer. Use pins to pin the 2 layers together. By now, you should have a rough shape of your diaper cake, what is left is to…

5. Decorate your diaper cake. This is the final diaper cake direction for you. This is where you will have to put in some creativity and spend some time on. For instance, use ribbons, baby clothes, baby toys, teddy bear, etc. to decorate your beautiful baby diaper cake.

Making a diaper cake is not a difficult subject; it just requires your time and effort. However, plainly reading itself is not going to give you the big picture. It is hard to understand how to make a diaper cake from words. It is just like learning how to ride a bicycle; you will need to get your hands-on in order to fully master it.

This is where videos on diaper cake directions are created. You are encourage to watch videos if you are serious in making a beautiful diaper cake.

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