New Non-Fuel Electric Engine Invented

A revolutionary non-fuel engine has been invented and successfully tested. The Inventor (Harold Carter) claims that this unique electro-mechanical device will not only power land vehicles, but will operate under water and in outer space.
By: Harold Carter
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Sept. 24, 2008 - PRLog -- The Electric Engine has arrived!

What is "The Electric Engine"?

The "Electric Engine" is an electro-mechanical machine that by nature of it’s design, harnesses the pulling force of electromagnets and transforms that pulling force into powerful rotary motion. It is neither an engine, nor an electric motor, but utilizes some of the electrical and mechanical principles of each to produce a new machine design that will function as a power transmission device to supply mechanical energy to any application where an electric motor or internal combustion engine now do the same..without using any fuel!

How does it work?

Remember when you were a kid? Most American children have at one time or another, taken a small, round, iron bar and after placing it on a table top, slide a magnet on the underside of the table to have the iron bar follow the magnet and roll across the table top. If the magnet has enough strength (and the table surface is not to thick), this always works. If you remember this simple event, you will easily understand the principles of operation that allow the Electric Engine to function!

Imagine if you will, the table top. Instead of dragging a magnet on the underside of the table, let us place several electromagnets in a row, or line, on the underside of the table - and then let us place the iron bar on the table top, and energize these electromagnets in sequence, one after the other. The same thing happens….the iron bar rolls across the table surface, (following the pull of the electromagnets). It works every time! And today’s high powered electromagnets are many times stronger than what we used as kids.

Let us go a step further. Imagine that your table top is composed of 10 electromagnets where their pulling surfaces are all facing up (all 10 electromagnets in a straight line, one next to the other, their pulling surfaces being flush with the table top surface). Now, place your iron bar on this surface at the beginning of these electromagnets and energize them in sequence, one after the other. Because we have eliminated the thickness of the table, the electromagnets are acting directly upon the surface of the iron bar, which will now accelerate across this surface far faster and far stronger than you could ever do by pulling a magnet in hand under the table. Imagine trying to hold two magnets (one in each hand) about 1/10th of an inch (.100") apart and hold them there while the magnets attract. Try it. It’s very hard to do! It is this pulling force (Called magnetism ) that The Electric Engine harnesses.

Here is one of the most important functional features of The Electric Engine…..

Imagine your table top being composed of 10 electromagnets (each 1 foot square), so that you look at your table and see a table 1 foot wide and 10 feet long. Now, take this table/surface (row of 10 electromagnets) and form, or otherwise wrap it into a cylindrical shape. You now have a cylinder composed of 10 electromagnets with their pulling faces, or surfaces facing inward. A simpler illustration might be to imagine an iron pipe 3 feet in diameter by 1 foot long and having 10 electromagnets mounted around the circumference, such electromagnets having their pulling surfaces facing inward towards the pipe center. Now, place an iron pipe 2 foot in diameter by 1 foot long inside your cylinder made of electromagnets (which is 3’ foot diameter inside by 1 foot long) and then energize your electromagnets one after the other! What happens is that the inner pipe rolls around on the inside surface of these electromagnets as they are energized! It is the same as the iron bar moving across the table when we pull a magnet under it.
The principles of are exactly the same!
The mechanics are exactly the same!

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