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Tea-Diets based on Vancouver has taken the dieting world by swirl and has introduced the revolutionary concept of consume more to lose more which is against the basic principle of dieting.
By: Sarah Phillips
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Sept. 18, 2008 - PRLog -- Gone are those days when people starved themselves to lose a few pounds temporarily and get agonized when they see it return few weeks later. Gone are those days when people took their calorie charts to prescribe a healthy dinner for themselves. Just IN is the concept of easy diets which has the whole dieting population hooked to it and makes the calorie charts look as obsolete as the ‘ABACUS’ looks today in the computerized world now.

For all those tea lovers out there be prepared to hear sweet chime music as their very favorite beverage has now been proved to have enough good qualities to be aptly called ‘THE ELIXIR OF YOUTH AND FITNESS’. Diet teas have been proven by research to have health benefits which by any means are unthought-of and till now would be hard to phrase together in a single sentence with the word tea. They have been shown to have a hand in weight loss, lowering Blood Pressure, increasing energy and even as much as ‘aid’ the fight against cancer.

For all those hooked by these hard facts the one stop destination for them is http://www.tea-diets.com. Tea-diets provide a wide range of amazing information about health and diet teas. Some of better known among these are the slimming teas, oolong teas and weight loss teas.

Wu-Yi tea brews just like ordinary teas but have some extraordinary difference from them. Research has shown that as less as two cups of Wu-yi tea a day can help in weight loss than any other methods of diet. It has become so renowned that even nutritionists and dieticians are recommending the tea as aid for losing weight.

The traditional oolong tea has been proven to increase the metabolism of drinker so much that this tea drinkers burn twice the calories over the people who drink same quantity of green tea everyday.

The skin damage is caused by free radicals present in solar radiation, food additives such as taste enhancers and pollutants present in air and water. All these free radicals can be tackled by the oolong tea. The free radicals move around inside the body stirring trouble and causing problems for internal organs. The best line of defense against these miscreants is the anti -oxidants which neutralize them and what better source for anti-oxidants than oolong teas .The amount of free radicals present in oolong tea drinker’s body is almost half that of others.

The significance of these hard facts can be better related to when heard from the happy consumers of Tie-Diets. Real experiences and comments about Tea-Diets as well as the amazing range of slimming teas, weight loss teas and diet teas can be seen in their website http://www.tea-diets.com.  

1345 Sherlock Ave.
Vancouver B.C.
V6J 1M7
Phone: 604-734-3867
Website : http://www.tea-diets.com

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1345 Sherlock Ave.
Vancouver B.C.
V6J 1M7
Phone: 604-734-3867
Website : http://www.tea-diets.com
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