Trade Capital Company Deposit Loan Program Builds Credit for Foreign Investors

Ten-year-old Niche Market Financial Product Attracts Investors to US Real Estate and Small Business
Sept. 15, 2008 - PRLog -- LAS VEGAS, 9/1/2008 -- As property markets tumble and the US economy contracts, sellers of real estate and small businesses often wonder where the buyers will come from.  

"A recent online survey of Realtors shows nearly a quarter of potential home buyers are waiting on the sidelines," said Richard F. Gaylord, president of the National Association of Realtors (Buyers Stay Away From Homes,, 7/24/08).

"Factor in the 5-year slide the Dollar against the Euro, and you may have your answer,"  points out Jonathan Warren of Trade Capital Company, an international financier in Las Vegas.

"If we can back off the latest round of visa restrictions and knock off the chip-on-our-shoulder superiority complex we often pull at Customs, we can get back to having foreign buyers paying our asking prices.  A few million of us could sure use the cash,"  Warren explains, "A little more appetite for the ol' greenback wouldn't hurt the country either."

That sentiment and prediction are precisely why Trade Capital Company has begun actively marketing in foreign markets its Deposit Loan Program, a loan and deposit combination designed to allow the borrower to establish credit and deposits simultaneously.  

"The last time I counted, Mr. Warren had been in 22 countries in the past few years promoting this capability,"  said Monica Jones, Trade Capital's Vice President of Operations, referring to the ability to establish credit and deposits without residency, "He preached the collapse of the mortgage industry and the outcome four years ago.  Now cash is king, but cash follows credit.  So credit is critical, nobody has it, and we help provide it.  We're in exactly the right place."

The Company has increased its international marketing presence from simple magazine ads in Europe to highly targeted face-to-face solicitation at investment conferences attended by affluent individuals in Europe, Southeast Asia, South America and West Africa.  Direct referrals by banks in the US and abroad are still the main source of Trade Capital's clientele.

The Company's flagship product, the Standard Deposit Loan, allows even businesses without credit history to borrow $25,000. or more, for the sole purpose of holding the funds on deposit.  "It lets you establish the credit without going into debt."  Says Randal Robinson, a client in the import business, "The borrowed cash stays in my account, and on my balance sheet."

The encore is a refinance of the Standard Deposit Loan with a bank line of credit, nearly anywhere in the world.  Trade Capital posts 100% cash collateral with the issuing bank before funding, giving the client cash-secured status in this credit crunched world.  Resulting approvals are a boon for the banks starved for cash-secured borrowers.

Trade Capital Company is listed as a subscriber and data provider with national credit repositories Trans Union, Innovis and the business credit section of Experian, among others.

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Trade Capital Company provides private international banking services, cross-border and start-up lending solutions worldwide.

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