Former CIA Agent in Charge of the Osama bin Laden Unit, Michael Scheuer on the Radio Tonight

Michael Scheuer, the CIA Agent and Analyst responsible for Tracking, Capturing or Killing Osama bin Laden prior to and after 9/11 is the guest of John Barnhart tonight on the "Heading Right" radio channel.
Sept. 11, 2008 - PRLog -- Tonight, exclusively on my "Heading Right" radio show on the anniversary of 9/11 my very special guest is the former CIA Agent/Analyst in charge of the efforts to locate, track, capture or kill Osama bin Laden prior to 9/11 and after, Michael Scheuer

Michael Scheuer is a former CIA agent and analyst. In his 22-year career, he served as the Chief of the Osama bin Laden Task Force and bin Laden Station (aka "Alec Station"), from 1996 to 1999, the Osama bin Laden tracking unit at the Counterterrorist Center. He then worked again as Special Advisor to the Chief of the Osama bin Laden unit from September 2001 to November 2004.

In his books and in many interviews he has detailed at least 10 cases where the Clinton administration refused to capture or kill Osama bin Laden when they had the ability to do so easily. Scheuer resigned in 2004 frustrated with both the Clinton and Bush administration's inability to either capture or kill Osama bin Laden prior to and after 9/11.

He is currently a news analyst for CBS News and a terrorism analyst for The Jamestown Foundation's online publication Global Terrorism Analysis. He also teaches a graduate-level course on Al-Qaeda at Georgetown University and participates in conferences on terrorism and national security issues, such as the New America Foundation's December 2004 conference, "Al Qaeda 2.0: Transnational Terrorism After 9/11."

He has appeared on Larry King, Hardball, Countdown, Meet the Press, Hannity & Colmes, Brit Hume's Special Report, and also The O'Reilly Factor, Michael has appeared on multiple Discovery, History and National Geographic Channel Specials including "Inside 9/11."

Michael Scheuer authored the books

"Through Our Enemies' Eyes: Osama Bin Laden, Radical Islam & the Future of America"
"Imperial Hubris: Why the West is Losing the War on Terror"
"Marching Towards Hell: America and Islam After Iraq."

Even Osama bin Laden commented on his last video tape sent to the US Government in 2007 “If you want to know why you are losing the war on terror read Michael Scheuer's book Imperial Hubris.”

Michael Scheuer is my very special guest tonight on the anniversary of 9/11 from 7pm to 9pm CST.

The call in number is 347-826-9560.

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John Barnhart is the host of a popular conservative radio talk show, he is a conservative commentator, a published author, Blogger of, an official Blogger of McCain Victory 08, and Senior Coalition Coordinator for "Let's Get this" a conservative coalition that puts candidates together with Bloggers, talk show hosts, writers and every day conservative American voters.
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