The origin of earring

About the origin of earring, there is a folk legend.
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Sept. 3, 2008 - PRLog -- About the origin of earring, there is a folk legend. In the ancient, there was a good-looking girl, who suffered from ophthalmopathy, quickly she couldn’t see anything. One day, a famous doctor passed by, seeing the beautiful girl suffering from the bitterness of blind, he couldn’t help sympathizing with her, and then he pierced respectively on both sides of her earlobe with an acupuncture needle. It is very strange that the mysterious needle made the girl look again. In order to commemorate the graciousness of the famous doctor, the girl asked the silversmith to purify a pair of earring, and wore them on specially. From then on, the girl became more beautiful and enviable. The thing got abroad. Women all imitated the girl until now. Originally, piercing the ears can clear vision is a kind of “the ear-acupuncture therapy” in ancient times of our country, the modern medicine had proved that piercing on the center earlobe could prevent and control each kind of ophthalmopathy, especially benefit the nearsightedness.
Perhaps for the earring have both decoration and treatment functions, since the ancient times it has been enjoyed by women. And in those times the earring was made daintily, pursue elegance, most were made of gold, silver, jade and so on.
Generally speaking, the big volume earrings appear attractive and romantic, and the transparent pure earring pendant makes women delicate and refine, earrings canimprove people’s temperament, on this point there is no doubt.

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