"Has Child6.com Mastered Predicting The Future?"

1st Press Release by the group CHILD6.com whom claim to have predicted "Hurricane Katrina" and challenges the media to contradict this assertion. It's in support of their Book "On a Hidden Field" about a 70's Futures club consisting of teenaged kids.
Book: On A Hidden Field "Kids Who Saw The Future"
Book: On A Hidden Field "Kids Who Saw The Future"
Aug. 29, 2008 - PRLog -- In the year 2003, an African American male wrote a 1-page synopsis and filmed a 6-minute trailer about his 1975 futures club. He called it "On A Hidden Field”. It was the story of his life, son of two college professors, his girlfriend and the other kids of college professors who hung out and attended a new phenomenon called Futures Clubs. It was a place where adults would go to simply talk about the future. Being bored the12 -22 year old college click decided to form their own but unlike their adult contemporaries; used new and controversial methods including clairvoyance, game theory and predictive profiling with absolutely stunning results.

In 2005, it became probably one of the greatest screenplays ever, garnishing over 20 major studio offers that were mysteriously never submitted to the author.  The author took exception to this because the head lawyer, in his opinion did two things unethical if not illegal, 1) Took the illegal act of making all 20 plus offers go through her office when each office had their own separate lawyers and 2) Refusing to even contact he, the author, simply emailing the studios saying she didn't believe it was true story. Today, 3 years later this is no longer an issue as prediction after prediction has come true.

The Author says he was even more humiliated when next year, a television series aired containing nearly all of his stories central characteristics including a little African American boy, him. Although the story of ‘On a Hidden field’ is the story of individuals, 90%+ non-African Americans, he feels it was his insistence in requiring the two African Americans to remain African American that torpedoed the project.

What no one envisioned was there first nationally known prediction of ‘Hurricane Katrina’ and the following 600 other predictions since coming true.  Press Challenge 1-16 purpose is to make his case that the impossible is now possible. He begins with their most daunting and least supported prediction, Hurricane Katrina, yet we believe you’ll be impressed by what we did accomplish.

            PRESS CHALLENGE #1
                 “Hurricane Katrina”

We Claim To Have Responded To These Unofficial Requirements.

1. The prophecy must be magnificent; one of the top ten largest and most amazing predictions in American History, if not the world.

2. The prophecy's magnitude must be documented as such. This shall be accomplished by requiring at-least ten million individuals knowing of the event when it happens. It can't be rain in your little small town U.S.A.

3. The prophecy must be in typed form, legible; thus indisputable as far as its purpose

4. The event must be registered 120 days or less before it's occurrence.

5. If the event has been written about before, i.e. in an earlier version of the writing or notes, the notes must be deviant from earlier versions to give such notice.  In other words the title or name at the top of the registered document can't be the same used before, like a screenplay called life that is registered many times, for the sake of the prediction, must be registered with a different name if there are several versions. In other words if you registered a poem called life 20 times then the last time you register the poem, it's name must be changed completely, i.e. register it backwards preferably to signify your intent.

6. The prediction can't be of a normal event, like rain storm and then it rains but it must be an unusual event, and to make prediction more difficult we must name not one but several unusual happenings in the event, like a rain storm that you predict a riot right in the middle of it, that would be very unusual.

7. The event will be considered predicted based on naming of the unusual events, not the storm itself, since they happen so often. We require this because one could merely predict a storm during the winter and say he's a prophet. We are required to predict things that rarely if ever happen and all the unusual events of it, before it happens.

             Now how's that for difficulty? Okay, now let's make it more difficult.

8. There must be an obvious connection between the events name and your prediction. We are required to name the event by name. If the event is controversial and we feel we are in danger we have the right to name the event in one other form, by naming the key character in the story or the towns name after the events name within two letters. If the event is called disaster 'Robertson', we must name our prediction or lead character something like 'Reborsin' or the central character town, etc... Must sound like the disaster itself.


If we choose to name our character after the event the character we name must be a psychic or it must be obvious that they are making a prediction.  It can’t be them describing a current event that is similar to the event in the future. It must be an attempt at prophecy.

9. The event must be registered by a recognized registration service.

10. It must be obvious that the prediction is a prediction. It can't be just words in a writing that someone later attaches meaning too. It must be registered and within the registered document a corresponding prediction is made somewhere in it to illustrate that a prediction is being made here.

11. The prediction, as is a qualification of all major prophecy, must be witnessed by strangers. People unknown to us and willingly point out the prediction, as happening without any encouragement from us, thus the importance of them was being strangers.

12. The prediction can't be scattered around in your writing but it must all be written within one page if a short prediction and two to three pages (single spaced) if a long prediction, in a document of over one hundred pages. If the prediction is spread over four or more single-spaced pages in length we will be considered to be in violation.  FOR THE ULTIMATE IN PROOF WILL TRY TO LIMIT IT TO ONE PARAGRAPH. (Man, are we making this thing difficult.)

13. The written version of the prediction must be accompanied by a verbal version, we verbally telling people something is about to happen.

14. In naming the event of the future, there most be substantial evidence or fact that indicates where the name came from. In other words we can't just name a similar event, a similar event must have happened in the predictors life and it can only of happened again once again, thus proving the name and the unusual event connected in some amazing fashion. This coincidence or evidence must be amazing that no one can deny it and proves that the name could of came from some sort of knowledge available to the predictor, thus explaining how the event logically came from.


If we can meet the daunting requirements, listed above, the media will have lost the bet and are therefore required to make a donation to a non-profit organization, after all this is a challenge.  The non-profit must be of a local jurisdiction to you and must be selected before we show you our proof.


Any media outlet can communicate their desire to participate via email with your choice of charity and we'll send you details and actual proof for you to investigate; but don’t worry, this is impossible, is it?
                             So what's our purpose?
Our purpose is to assist all beings on this planet at this moment of strife with the dissemination of game theory, predictive profiling and other predictive techniques into all of their personal lives as well as political, social and economic issues that are challenging the world today.

Thanks, and enjoy Press Challenge #1. There will be 15 more. The last culminating in November 2008.


# # #

Alluvon, formerly Alluvon Inc. Is an all in one Entertainment Company that produces everything from Novels to magazines to films. It has exclusive rights to some of the top screenwriters and novelist and although is a relatively new group, it is about to make national and international news.
Primarily due to its innovative and creative staff but more notably due to it’s social, political and economic goals that are unusual for an entertainment company. Although it has cancelled it’s 2003 goal of electing a world president in the 2008 election, due to unspecified yet consistent harassment, it is dedicated to changing the world one individual at a time via it’s non profit division called Child 6 (www.child6.com, still under construction).

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