QuantumPhonic goes for Gold with No Echo or Reverberation Arena and Stadium Audio

Launching QuantumPhonic Sound Delivery, RezCom Inc. going for Gold for the London Olympics. Perfect Arena and Stadium Sound.
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Aug. 12, 2008 - PRLog -- QuantumPhonic Goes for the Gold with the Sports Arena Breakthrough -Perfect Arena Sound with No Echo!
By Nick Ashton, RezCom Inc.

QuantumPhonic™ continues to break the sound barriers and is going for Gold in the London Olympics.  First it was the ability to deliver near perfect, equal sound to all patrons that attend theatres, cinemas, ballrooms, conference halls and churches.  In fact anywhere audio is required.  Audio has been reshaped and the audience is now given the ability to hear the intended crisp, clear quality that the artist and engineers designed the facility for.

Now, QuantumPhonic Arena Audio, known as QR is making waves, sound waves to show the dramatic improvement that is available to all sports facilities worldwide.  Till now, audio in all sports arenas has left a lot to be desired and leaves the majority of fans out of the loop with announcements and commentary.  Indoor sports arenas and stadiums lack in audio content and leave the fans hearing nothing but echo and reverberation in their ears.
It does not matter what the event is, from basketball to hockey, boxing to rodeo, the audio is far from perfect.  Let us be brutally honest, it is not good!  I don’t think we are out of line from telling the truth!

Whist the Olympics are an important event every four years, RezCom sees the London Olympics of 2012 as the prestigious event to show the world of this award winning sound.

The arena is an acoustical nightmare and for decades, acoustical engineers have lost sleep on the practicality of the perfect audio system.  They consult with computer programs and try to design the audio shape of the venue, to no avail.  The design of the building will always defeat dynamic speaker systems.  The rafters and the floor are your worst enemy and they are staying right where they are!

Reflective sound is always the item that defeats the audio engineers and removing the enemy of echo has never been accomplished, until now!  QuantumPhonic QR defies all feasible common sense and design.  This is audio like you have never heard before and only dream of.  QuantumPhonic QR is now setting the standard for all audio delivery with its unique attributes of the clearest sounds known to man and woman too.  Even the hearing impaired will hear again through the cleanest sound delivery system, QuantumPhonic.

Simply, the central audio and rafter speakers are switched off and removed.  

QuantumPhonic QR sound delivery units are placed on the outskirts of the building walls.  The sound swoops down in a curved formation from behind.  Audio perception of the attendees is they have no idea of where the sound is coming from.  The audience is bathed in near equally distributed audio from top to bottom.  

The audience hears equally and clearly with no echo whatsoever.  It is that precise!  When we state, “near equal distribution”, we mean to the human ear. They will know no difference if it is a ½ decibel change or not.  To the ear, there is no difference whatsoever.

Music, announcements, video segments, sound effects, the QuantumPhonic QR does not mind what you throw at it, or should we say, play through it.  The definition is that superb.  It is beyond what you have ever heard in an arena before.

The installation is concise and simple.  The outcome is sensational!

Never before has there been such a mighty step forward with arena sound.  This brings the arena capabilities to a level it has never had before.  There is no need for bands to use outside companies to install concert audio.  You have it with QuantumPhonic QR.

In addition to the surrounding sound delivery, for concerts, additional QuantumPhonic QR sound delivery units are placed on the additional staging and delivers to the whole venue and the floor seating patrons.  There is no more concern about loud speakers at the front that blare out their unlistenable noise.  The QuantumPhonic QR sound delivery system is equal sound at a decibel level which does not beat up the audience.  The listener can endure the whole concert and want even more. As for an auditorium perspective, they have not been drowned in evasive noise.

Go Break the Sound Barrier in Your Arena with QuantumPhonic!

Call (801) 254.9349

See more information on YouTube.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LkNfSOrnSQI

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Sound delivery system that has revolutionized sound. This is unique in its ability to bathe a room in audio. No echo whatsoever! Equal audio for all and complies with new audio laws, both European and USA
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