"Brain TuneUp: The Secret for Caregiver Success" Provides New Road May of Solutions for Caregivers

New Book Gives Hope for Helping Yourself and Others in Caregiving
By: Bob Mazza
Aug. 10, 2008 - PRLog -- LOS ANGELES --- Arnold Bresky, M.D., Los Angeles-based physician, preventive gerontologist, author and lecturer, has written an exciting new book “Brain Tuneup: The Secret for Caregiver Success.”  “After many years of research, this is a long overdue book, and I am confident that other physicians will recommend to their patients and their families.”
With Alzheimer’s disease now reaching crisis proportions in the United States, according to a 2007 report released by the Alzheimer’s Association, Dr. Bresky felt a moral need to help as many people as possible. He feels his book will have an immediate, positive impact to inform baby boomers, senior citizens and family caregivers with dramatic, helpful information presented in easy-to-understand terms to help slow the progression of cognitive brain decline.
“Brain Tuneup: The Secret for Caregiver Success” reveals dramatic statistics noting Alzheimer’s has become the most common cause of dementia.  Dr. Bresky’s book further notes that one in every four American families are affected; one in 1,000 will be affected before age 65 and one in 20 after age 65.  At the present rate, more than 5 million people suffer from it, and officials report there will be an increase of 16 million cases by 2050 unless preventive measures are taken.

To help combat memory loss, Dr. Bresky has created and is implementing a revolutionary new program called the “Brain Tune Up,” a multi-disciplinary system to teach individuals how to continue growing intellectually, creatively, gracefully, successfully and emotionally as the years progress.  “My program improves the memory function to enhance a person’s quality of life,” he notes.
Dr. Bresky’s user-friendly “9-Point Brain Tune Up” system© is holistic, integrative and centered on preventive medicine.  Simply, it’s “therapeutic recreation” for individuals and facilities combining attention-training workbooks using art and music (Mozart’s piano Concerto #21 is his favorite) and over 2,000 domain-specific brain exercises.  His four pillars of brain health are -- physical activity, mental activity, social activity and good cardio-vascular health.

As the population continues to age, Dr. Bresky notes his book is aimed in anticipation of a 21st Century medical pandemic. “Without a cure, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease will bankrupt the United States and cause untold emotional pain and suffering,” he states.  Caregiving is another linked issue. As the years pass, Dr. Bresky says the supply of caregivers will decrease and the supply needed will dramatically increase. “Both the drafted and professional caregiver have no scientific protocols to follow and therefore they burnout and become victims.”

In “Brain Tuneup: The Secret for Caregiver Success,” he teaches that memory disorders are caused by oxidative stress, lifestyle choices and disuse.  “Everyone is a caregiver,” he says.  “We must take care of our self first and that is indeed the ‘secret.’ “

After delivering nearly 10,000 babies (using husband-coached natural childbirth) as a board-certified Obstetrician-Gynecologist for over 30 years, Dr. Bresky switched his focus 12 years ago to the other end of life’s spectrum.  He now devotes his full attention to memory function and considers himself a “quality of life” healer and preventive gerontologist.  He maintains that most patients and their families who are dealing with issues related to aging can be helped through pro-active intervention and treatment.

A native of Brooklyn, New York, Dr. Bresky received his B.S. Degree from Brooklyn College and M.D. Degree in 1965 from Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Along the way, he attended Yeshiva with his sights set on becoming a Rabbi, but instead won a scholarship which helped him enter medical school.  Upon moving to Los Angeles, he began his residency as an OB/GYN at Kaiser Foundation Hospital in Hollywood in 1966 and in 1970 entered private practice in the San Fernando Valley.  

Dr. Bresky's website is:  www.mybraintuneup.com.

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