Convert Your Vehicle into a Hybrid and Save

Save Fuel and Environment by Converting your vehicle into a Hybrid. Highest Efficiency and Quality Manufactured Hydrogen on Demand Systems. Designed and built by Professional Engineers and Manufactures with a grass root affordability.
By: Low Cost Solution LLC
Aug. 7, 2008 - PRLog -- Providing alternative solutions to traditional fuel sources, offers drivers a Professionally Manufactured and Engineered Hydrogen on Demand Systems for converting vehicles to hybrids. Water hybrid technology uses water to help power cars in a cost-effective, environmentally friendly manner.
June 16, 2008 -- Rising fuel prices are prompting drivers to investigate alternatives to the traditional gas sources they are used to using. Even when exploring options for converting vehicles to use other resources as fuel, they are confronted with the high cost of transitioning their vehicles. provides a solution for both concerns by educating drivers and releasing a do-it-yourself manual that teaches them how to save on gas by converting vehicles to water hybrids.
"We have the technology, knowledge, and ability to make our vehicles two times more fuel efficient," explains owner Adis P. "Do-it-yourself water hybrids are the solution. It is proven technology that is used by over a million of people already." The Conversion System uses electricity from a vehicle to separate water into HHO (Hydroxy), which burns smoothly while providing three times more energy than regular gasoline. The end product is a clean water vapor.
Drivers looking for a gas alternative can purchase a complete systems to convert their existing fuel system to utilize water hybrid technology. This easy to install and 100% reversible systems work to reduce environmental impact while providing a gas enhancement alternative that is an economical answer to high gas prices.

By offering information about water hybrid technology as a way to save money on gas, helps drivers save over 40% on gasoline, increase MPG by 20% to 80% and reduce emissions, global warming and related impacts. This hybrid conversion systems are at an affordable price and can be used to convert virtually any vehicle from cars,trucks,suvs,RVs, cross over's and now even Semi Trucks , Big Rigs and other commercial and industrial vehicles.
"Renewable resources such as the sun, water and wind are viable solutions to many problems but greedy elements that have yet to figure out a way to patent these resources are determined to keep the benefits of using these resources quiet to protect their own profits," says Adis P. features information, videos and products designed to present gas alternative solutions that are safe for drivers and the environment. For more information about how to save on gas and to purchase complete conversion kits for cars, SUV's, trucks, and semis, please visit

About and its sister company possess a background of over 20 years in mechanical engineering, manufacturing, mechanical assembly and information technology and are self-proclaimed environmentalists and activists. Their vast experience in engineering and manufacturing have given Xhybrids and Associates the privilege to serve many industries and world class companies from electronics,aerospace to medical and communication companies. Chances are you are in possession right now of devices and components helped build. XHybrids works to educate consumers regarding how to save money on gas and offers cost-effective, environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional gas sources.

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Convert virtually any vehicle into a Hybrid and save on Fuel. Highest Efficiency and Quality Manufactured Hybrid Conversion Systems. Designed and built by Professional Engineers and Manufactures
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