Miami Named Lottery Capital of Florida

LuckyLotto, an online lottery website specializing in lottery news and information reported that Miami, also ranked the 3rd richest city in America, has more lottery terminals per capita than any other city in Florida.
Aug. 6, 2008 - PRLog -- Dubbed “America’s Cleanest City” in 2008, Miami has now been dubbed the “Lottery Capital of Florida.”

While Miami is not the largest or most populous city in Florida, it is Florida’s lottery leader with more lotteries per capita than any other Florida city. In fact, there is one lottery terminal for every 290 people in Miami.

LuckyLotto, an online lottery site specializing in lottery news and information conducted a study of the lottery in Florida that yielded some interesting results. LuckyLotto reported that Miami, also ranked the 3rd richest city in America, has more lottery terminals per capita than any other city in Florida.

According to the official Florida lottery website, Miami has 1248 lottery terminals. That is an unbelievable 35 lottery terminals per square mile. With all these lottery terminals, is no surprise that so many Miami residents are winning the lottery jackpot!

While it may seem more likely that the more populous city of Jacksonville would have more lottery terminals per capita, that is not the case. Jacksonville has 679 lottery terminals, which amount to less than 1 lottery terminal per square mile. Tampa, St. Petersburg, Orlando and Fort Lauderdale were also all outperformed by Miami when it came to lottery terminals per capita with only 5, .9, 6, and 8 lottery terminals per square mile respectively.

Evidence of the popularity of the lottery in Miami is the great success Miamians have had with the lottery. In fact, in the past year, Miami residents have won each of Florida’s big lotto games - Mega Money, Florida Lotto, and Fantasy 5.

In April, Christopher Bleakly of Miami won the Mega Money jackpot of $1.6 million. Bleakly is proof of the lottery luck in Miami. He accidentally purchased a Mega Money ticket instead of a Florida Lotto ticket and ended up winning the jackpot!

In July, Baldwin Jarrett, another Miami resident, won the Florida Lotto jackpot of $38 million. Jarrett, who purchased his winning ticket at the Neighborhood quick Stop located at 9869 N. Kendall Drive in Miami, chose his to receive his winnings as a one-time lump-sum payment of $21,474,649.

In September of 2007, a Miami resident, Alberto Anaya, won the Fantasy 5 jackpot. Anaya, who won the Fantasy 5 with a free Quick Pick ticket will receive his prize as a lump-sum payment of $263,359.01. Anaya received his free winning ticket at Paz Bakery located at 7183 S.W. 8th Street in Miami.

With the current state of the national economy, many may be surprised to hear that the lottery is booming in Miami. However, Miami is the 3rd richest city in America and is one of the country’s most important financial centers. This strong and stable economy allows Miami residents to continue to play the lottery all year long.

The truth about the lottery is that someone always wins and people always hope that it will be them. No matter what the reasons for the immense popularity of the lottery in Miami, is pleased to name Miami the “Lottery Capital of Florida.”

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