Lose Weight Whilst You Sleep - Swiss Scientists discover “Dieter’s Dream”

Through independent trials conducted in over 100 countries world wide, it is believed that SensaSlim will be established prior to entering the market as the fastest, safest and most reliable way to lose weight.
By: Intercontinental Research Institute
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Geneva - Switzerland

July 31, 2008 - PRLog -- It’s being described as a “dieter’s dream”, the easy way to lose weight without ever feeling hungry. Developed by Swiss scientists after 20 years of research, SensaSlim is an all natural formulation that safely “fools the brain” into believing you are full and completely removes the desire to eat food, day or night.

“It gives will-power to the weak, making losing weight easy,” says Dr Ciantar, research leader at the Intercontinental Research Institute.

“A person has on average 50,000 thoughts a day,” Dr Ciantar said. “Many of those thoughts are related to food, that prompts a call of action to eat.”
“Sensaslim removes the call of action to eat, by fooling the brain into believing that you are full. In simple terms, if you don’t think of food, you don’t crave food, you don’t eat food. The weight just drops off,” he said.

“Some trial participants report losing over 1 kilo per day.”

Even better, it keeps working when you sleep. Psychological dream research shows that during the principal dream period, a brain-wave pattern similar to that during wakefulness is evident. The majority of people who are trying to lose weight through conventional diets and calorie counting normally dream of food, reflecting their needs and immediate experiences of food depravation. This creates a food craving that confronts them when they awaken, that regularly leads to them breaking their diet.

“By stimulation of a sensory area in the brain and removing the perception of food deprivation, Sensaslim even gives willpower to a person to lose weight whilst they sleep, making it truly a dieters dream,” Dr Ciantar said.

SensaSlim is made of totally natural ingredients that have been tested and proven safe for prolonged usage by humans.
It is an intra oral spray which is designed to be sprayed into the mouth and onto the capillaries of the tongue.
SensaSlim is administered three times a day, 10 minutes before meals. The effect of the formulation is felt immediately and suppression of appetite is swift. There have been no adverse side effects recorded.

SensaSlim is not scheduled for release worldwide for general consumer purchase as an over the-counter medicine (OCM) until mid 2010. However some people can participate in a free world wide trial that has just commenced. The developers of SensaSlim, believing they have developed the most effective weight loss aid available in the world today, are seeking 10,000 overweight people to participate in the largest independent trial world wide for a weight loss product. This will allow for usage by people of a vast diversity of cultures and dietary habits. Unlike other companies whose trial results are obtained in secret ‘closed weigh-in sessions' controlled by the manufacturer, the results in this trial will be obtained by the participant themselves and all results will be posted on the internet for transparency. The trials will be over a minimum of six months to ensure both short and long-term benefits are recorded. The product will be provided to the participants free of charge and no financial benefit will be offered to anyone to partake or to lose weight.
People who are overweight and want to be part of the trial can register at www.sensaslim.com.

Dr. Ciantar (RL)
Intercontinental Research Institute
Geneva, Switzerland

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