Miss Universe Drops Lawsuit Against The Miss Mexico Organization

Adan Perez a self-representing Venezuelan paralegal obtains more than a settlement, he gets a victory against Donald Trump and its huge team of lawyers.
July 29, 2008 - PRLog -- The whole controversy started when Mr. Donald Trump filed a Federal lawsuit against the Latino entrepreneurs Adan S Perez, Luz Bolivar and The Miss Mexico Organization LLC on March 19th   of this year seeking damages of up to $1,000.000, for what he called; intentionally using the Miss Universe prestige on their behalf due to some images published in their website www.senoritamexico.net ; among other charges having to do with trademark and copyright infringement.

The truth of the matter is that Adan Pérez representing himself had already defeated on March 5th of this year, Miss Universe in The United States Patent and Trademark Office, Trial and Appeal Board regarding a dispute for the trademark Señorita Mexico USA in a long three years lasting trademark battle. Miss Universe then filed a lawsuit in Federal Court to force Mr. Perez to pull out the application for the trademark SEÑORITA MEXICO USA. It was recently known that Miss Universe dropped the lawsuit effective July 15th, 2008, that all of the issues in question were settled, that Mr. Perez, Mrs. Bolivar and The Miss Mexico Organization LLC did not have to pay any damages and that they will continue to produce their successful pageant Señorita Mexico at the national scale. Furthermore, The Miss Mexico Organization, LLC obtained their very well deserved entrepreneurial respect which they had long being fighting for.

I interviewed Mr. Perez at his office in Las Vegas and the first thing he said was: “I can not give you any details about the settlement, but I am happy it is finally settled”.  When I asked him, if he had pulled out the Trademark application for the Mark which started the whole legal battle, he answered. “We would have never dropped the application for the mark SEÑORITA MEXICO U.S, they dropped the lawsuit”.  “We now like to concentrate in working towards putting the objectives if the SEÑORITA MEXICO U.S national beauty pageant, back on the working agenda”, “that is what matters”.

It is a great victory that a self representing Latin paralegal, could battle this giant. How do you feel about it, and what reflection does this leaves to our community?: Adan answered: “When something is unfair, you have to stand up and fight until the end”, Adan continued “but we have to keep in mind that education is the only thing which will give you the tools to defend yourself, otherwise you have to pay high attorneys fees, or just accept being smashed by the big ones who will do anything to ruin your dreams.”. Adan added “All of the attorneys that I consulted, told me that I was going to loose, therefore I prepared myself on the issue and successfully confronted Miss Universe”. “Not only did I win a good Trademark, but also added another service to my paralegal firm” Why did you do it? “I did it, for my dignity and for the dignity of those who have worked with us in bringing this project to the level it is now, for the young contestants, and for our whole community.”.

Where is the Señorita Mexico U.S project right now?, Adan:  “ It is in a developing stage to bring contestants of Mexican heritage from all over the United States, who will proudly represent  the beauty of the Mexican women, here in the U.S”.  When is the next Señorita Mexico U.S going to take place? Adan: “We are working hard to produce it in Los Angeles, during the Mexican Independence celebration week this year”. What is your message to our community?  Adan: “You have to pursue your dreams and put your heart in anything you want to accomplish.” Adan concluded: “we have to continue to educate ourselves, working hard to keep our youngsters in school, and for those who think that education is expensive, I can only say: try ignorance”.

It inspiring to follow the steps of those who are Hispanics and believe in a dream, fight for it and succeed. This is a true David and Goliath story, Donald Trump vs Adan Perez.

By Saul Gómez

Prensa Latina
Las Vegas, Nevada

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