Internet Fax, Account Reactivation

Internet Fax, Account Reactivation. We value second chances. We care about relationships. We want our old clients to know that they always have a family with us.
By: FaxMicro Customer Communications Department
July 20, 2008 - PRLog -- We value second chances. We care about relationships. We want our old clients to know that they always have a family with us. Our door is always open to those who want to reactivate their accounts with us.

Inactive account does not mean that it is formally closed. There are two possible statuses before an account will be totally terminated.

1. Suspended until Paid - no payment made 2 days after the billing date or the client have reached the account’s default credit limit
2. Closed until Paid - no payment made 1 week after the billing date

If the account falls under one of these statuses, the client may still login to his/her control panel. However, he/she can only have limited access. The control panel will only allow him/her to explore the account information and make payment online. When our system detected a complete payment of the remaining  balance, the account will automatically be activated in a few minutes.

However, no payment made 2 weeks after the billing date will totally terminate the account. Closed account will not allow the client to login to his/her control panel anymore. If the client wished to reactivate his/her service again, he/she needs to give us a call, send us an email or login to the live chat support through our website. In this case, we charge a $10 Reactivation Fee.

Upon reactivation, the client may already enjoy again our services within a few minutes. Once more, he/she can  receive unlimited inbound faxes for free; can send faxes via our website, via email and via our printer driver. He/she can again benefit from all our offered privileges, the subscriber’s promo and the partner’s program.

We made a lot of innovations and developments with our services and web sites. The control panel and support pages have been more users friendly. The fax transmission speed increased due to our continuously improving system management. Our IT personnel were not just all professionals; they have become more experienced with our system. Our customer service were trained more to educate our clients.

As we continuously grow, we want our clients to be with us and share the unexpected great investment returns, to trust us again and see the difference.

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FaxMicro is a paperless online service that can transmit unlimited faxes anywhere in the globe. We offered 2 different packages. The FaxMicro Plus and the FaxMicro Toll Free.

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