Origin of Great Spirit Symbol Discovered

For millenniums people were wondering what the globally found Great Spirit symbol of the Native Americans, the dot in the circle, means. It was one of the most guarded spiritual secrets of all times, now revealed in The (W)Hole Book on Mimbres Pots.
By: Dr. Bara Loveland, AncientSecrets PublishingTM
July 17, 2008 - PRLog -- AncientSecrets PublishingTM just released The (W)Hole Book on Mimbres Pots as eBook, finally revealing one of the most guarded spiritual secret of all times, the dot in the circle symbol of the Native Americans - or the Great Spirit symbol. The author, Dr. Bara H. Loveland, chose artful Mimbres pottery for illustrating her discovery she had made about 25 years ago. The eBook is exclusively available at www.biochakra.com's Color Market.

The (W)Hole Book on Mimbres Pots had been first published as hard copy in 1985, and is now available as an updated and extended eBook version. It describes the ancient culture of the Mimbrenos, Native Americans, which had lived around 1000AD in the area of New Mexico, Arizona and Mexico. These pueblo dwellers left beautifully painted clay pots, but felt urged to knock a hole in these pots. These holes baffled museums experts, who developed three theories about the holes, yet none could really explain the destructive action. The reason why scientists failed to discover the meaning of these holes in the pots is that the origin is found on a different level than our three dimensional reality: it was a spiritual act and a heart-felt necessity, in order to compensate for a lost spiritual ability. Eventually, it can be understood, why the Great Spirit symbol is found in symbols from the Stone Age as jewelry, from Egypt as sungod Ra, from the Pacific Islands a money, as nest of the Hebrews, or heaven of China - or even as Bagel in the US, or as Spritzkuchen in Germany - a secret once known in all the world and preserved in the Mimbres pots as symbolic messages. The secret is even mentioned in the Bible. People potentially still have this spiritual ability - they only have to remember!

The author, Dr. Bara H. Loveland, is the founder of the Bio*ChakraTM Research Institute LLC and is called the "Researcher of the Divine." After an academic education in Germany, and work as independent architect and university assistant professor, she studied natural healing in the US, privately researching the new-ancient secrets of spirituality and healing. She has published countless articles and several books on sacred symbols, Color*MedicineTM and the meaning of Tesla-Kirlian life-energy images from original research. She discovered the origin of the Cabbala Tree of Life, also deciphering many other holy symbols such as runes, I Ching, Mayan Day signs, the mysterious four Riders of the Bible and others. She has presented her work repeatedly in seminars, newspapers and magazines, as well as on radio and on TV, both in the US and in several countries of Europe - since 1985. She can be reached via www.biochakra.com, contact us.

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Ancient secrets have fascinated us by their symbolic meanings, hidden in Mayan Glyphs, I Ching, Hieroglyphs, Runes, Cabbala Tree of Life, Stone Age art or the Bible. What do they mean? AncientSecrets PublishingTM reveals the mysteries at www.biochakra.com.

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