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Join a free business oriented social Network! Own and manage a business entity with an online community!
By: Lance Lim
July 9, 2008 - PRLog -- Gogme.biz announced the soft launch of its website which facilitates anyone to join a free business-oriented social network to discuss business ideas and network with other aspiring entrepreneurs.

What Gogme.biz sets itself apart from other business social networking sites is that it enables the community to take business ideas to the next level. Aspiring entrepreneurs of the online community can become co-owners to implement interesting business ideas, own and manage a business entity together, profit from the business ventures created and be rewarded with franchise or business takeover opportunities!

Members are encouraged to contribute their business ideas. The best business ideas selected through internet voting will be implemented through the online community. The online community makes collective decisions on business planning, marketing and other business activities through internet polls and forums. Real life business staff will follow and carry out these decisions. Through business blogs and twitters, the operation manager will update daily business activities and challenges faced. Business mentors are invited to give advice so that entrepreneurs can make the best decisions. Progressively, entrepreneurs will know how their collective decisions shaped the businesses.

“We believe the best way for a person to learn entrepreneurship is by being an entrepreneur. Some things in life you can only learn by experience and entrepreneurship is a constant state of discovery. Through a fun and participatory approach in imparting business knowledge and skills, we hope to facilitate entrepreneurial learning in a whole new way,” says site co-founder Lance Lim.

In addition to the free networking service, anyone who wishes to take actions and turn ideas into reality can contribute a low startup capital of US$100 to become a co-owner of a business entity that is collectively owned and managed by an online community. Learn to be an entrepreneur with the community through a combination of business ownership, online participation, implementation of business ideas, social networking, decision-making, interacting with business mentors, managing businesses via a business excellence framework and getting explicit business knowledge of various industries.

With Gogme, 100% of the net profits derived from the businesses created by the online community will be shared by the co-owners. The Gogme Points System rewards entrepreneurs with points for submitting business ideas, referring friends, participating in online discussions, internet polls and other online activities. Points can be use to bid for business takeovers and franchises at reasonable rates. You have a higher chance to win in the bidding if the business takeovers or franchises were formed by the implementation of your idea. As such, an idea contributed by you, implemented by the online community, eventually comes back to you as a sustainable and profitable business for takeover or franchise!

“Gogme learning will allow entrepreneurs to have fun, experiment with business ideas and fail cheaply,” adds co-founder Lance Lim. “In the business world, there are many unforeseen risks and difficulties. Risks taking cannot be taught, however if entrepreneurs can face these difficulties together, risks will be diversified and the valuable experience can be put to good use when our entrepreneurs ultimately start their own business.”

Visit the website http://www.gogme.biz for more information and join a free business-oriented social network today!

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