The Score Magazine Launches!

We are proud to announce the launch of the first issue of The Score Magazine.
By: Jim Cooper
The Score Issue 1
The Score Issue 1
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Cumbria - England

July 8, 2008 - PRLog -- Designed as a companion publication for our website and forum, it is dedicated to bringing you the latest and greatest from the worlds of music, film, videogames and literature. We truly hope we can encourage you to seek out new artists and reappraise classic material with fresh eyes.

Go to to download THE SCORE magazine and its accompanying EP.

Most magazines are news and review-led, but we understand that this is not necessarily what our readership want. The internet has enabled us all to read reviews of new work long before magazines can publish their verdicts; so it seems a little pointless to include them in this publication - something that we plan to publish quarterly. Therefore, we have decided to concentrate on features, interviews and restrospective articles - which we hope you find to be entertaining, varied and even, dare we say it, enlightening.

Each issue, we will also aim to bring you exclusive, downloadable content; which may take the form of music, film shorts, games or e-books.

So what do we have to offer in our first issue, then? Well, take a look and see…
The Score EP

Two tracks each from our featured musicians: This Is Ivy League and Mister Fusty. We’ve even provided you with a lovely CD cover to print out, should you prefer your music to take a non-digital form. We’re too good to you, really we are.
Issue 1 Features

This Is Ivy League – an in-depth interview with a duo being touted as “the next big thing”.

Blood Bowl – Always thought that Warhammer was for nerds and pre-pubescent teens? You may want to read this article on one of the Games Workshop’s most popular IPs then. It includes an interview with the Project Leader of the soon-to-be-released videogame.

Mister Fusty – Our resident musician gives us the how, why and wherefore of a life spent making music.

Reality In Widescreen – Does Michael Mann’s work have any real substance under all that style? Our resident Aussie think so, and he’s quite prepared to tell you why…

The Darkest Knight – With Christopher Nolan’s latest big-screen interpretation just around the corner, there are a number of questions that people may be asking: Just who is Batman? Why should I care? Why was Clooney so rubbish? Well, this article should help.

Zombies! – They feed! They stagger! They feed some more! In the first of a series of articles investigating these brain-hungry fiends, we trace the zombie’s putrid path through the medium of cinema - from its roots in 1940s B-movies to the schlock and chuckles of the Rom-Zom-Com.

The Explorers Club – A Beach Boys inspired, vocal-heavy group, you say? Oh go on then. I’ll take two…

5 of The Best: The Coens – So, you’ve seen The Internet raving about the Coen Brothers for years but have, somehow, never really had the chance to sample their wares. Or maybe you enjoyed No Country For Old Men and are now wanting to seek out their back catalogue. Whatever the case, we lead you by the hand through a selection of the Coen’s greatest hits…

How To Shoot Friends and Incinerate People – Is there a videogame genre in recent years that has had more exposure than the FPS? Probably not. Why so? What have been the highlights? Where’s the genre headed? Why should you care? You’ll find the answers right here…

Plus much more…

Go to to download THE SCORE magazine and its accompanying EP.

We look forward to hearing your comments and feedback on the magazine - why not head over to our forum at to let us know what you think.

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