New Golf Club Groove Sharpener Repairs Golf Club Grooves To Factory Fresh !

Groove sharpener will sharpen your golf club grooves sharper than factory fresh within minutes. Breathe new life back into your short game by sharpening the groove edges on your golf wedges.
By: RAM Marketing T/A Golf Groove Sharpener.
Golf Club Groove Sharpener.
Golf Club Groove Sharpener.
July 8, 2008 - PRLog -- Have you ever stopped and wondered why the top golfers can stop the ball so well on the greens ? Their skill is obviously the main reason - however if they were playing with golf club grooves that were beat up and caved in like most amateur players golf club grooves are, then they would not find it so easy ! Sharpening your golf club grooves is like servicing your car, you simply must do it.

Groove sharpener will redefine your grooves edges in minutes easily removing bent over metal. Reclaim the original design & keep your clubs legal 0.020”deep x 0.035” wide at the clubs surface. All groove designs U V Square can be rejuvenated by anyone following the instructions enclosed.

Groove Sharpener was released recently and sold over 7,000 units in it's first week of release.

"Clearly groove sharpener has become the leading product and will remain to do so," said CEO Martin Jess of RAM Golf.

Website sales in the first week alone totalled 3,900 groove sharpener units.

Groove Sharpener website is at:

Groove Sharpener is the only Groove Sharpener guaranteed for life and is made of A2 Tool Steel.

Check out our website:

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Manufacturers of Golf Club Groove Sharpener and Golf Club Regripper Golf Tools. We also make Golf Club Spine Finder and Triple Blade Groove Sharpener Golf Handtools.

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