Lipojection Is A Revolutionary Alternative To Liposuction. No Surgery Involved.

Amedis offers professional services under board certified surgeons and doctors. Our goal is to make our patients get the body they have always wanted in less time. Services offered are Smartlipo and LipoJection both are proven safe and effective.
June 30, 2008 - PRLog -- LipoJection is finally here, an injection that melts fat from your body. Lose the
extra fat which exercise has failed to get rid off
What is LipoJection:
The word LipoJection comes from (lipolytic injection.) LipoJection is the removal of fat without
surgery. The procedure involves the use of microinjections to melt away fat, the microinjections
are applied to area of treatment over 1-3 treatment sessions. Like Laserlipo, it is a safe and
effective way of eliminating fat deposits that are resistant to diet and exercise.
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Benefits of LipoJection:
- Gets rid of stubborn fat that may prove difficult even after diet and exercise.
- It is a safe and effective procedure
- 1 inch or more of permanent fat loss with each treatment
- NO surgery involved
- Less expensive than traditional liposuction
- Fewer treatments are required compared to mesotherapy and lipodissolve
- Minimal discomfort during procedure.
- No recovery time needed since it does not involve any kind of surgical procedure
Risks and warnings:
Like any medical procedure, there are risks associated with LipoJection. However
complications are extremely rare. Keep in mind that LipoJection is not a method of weight
control or obesity but rather a procedure to help remove stubborn fat pockets that do not
respond to diet or exercise. Generally, the average patient requires 1-3 treatments in a given
body area with the goal of losing AT LEAST 1 inch of fat with each treatment. However this will
depend on the individual client and the amount of fat to be treated. Treatments are done every 8
weeks apart in the same area, or every 2 weeks in different areas. Some of the risks and warnings
- Swelling and bruising on the treated area. Usually disappears after a few days.
- Patients should be in good health to avoid any complications.
- Delayed healing results may be experienced if the patient has certain medical conditions or
is under certain medications.
- More than one treatment is needed to attain the desired results
However some of these risks can be greatly reduced by carefully following the doctor’s instructions
before and after the procedure. Choosing an experienced and qualified doctor is also key.
According to science and research LipoJection is the safest non surgical way to get rid of
stubborn fat areas that do not respond to diet and exercise. LipoJection™ is an advanced form
of injection lipolysis using an ingredient called Phosphatidylcholine (PPC). PPC has been used
extensively in Europe and has over a 30 year proven safety record. LipoJection™ uses a proprietary
formula with PPC and additional ingredients that enhance the fat breakdown and elimination
process. LipoJection™ also includes post injection treatments with a medical device that enhances
results and expedites healing.
Other injection lipolysis procedures are not the same as LipoJection™. Although, others may also be
given by injection to promote fat reduction in the area injected, only LipoJection™ with it’s
proprietary formula and protocol can ensure optimal results and safety.
Cost/Expense and Financing:
LipoJection offers satisfactory and cost effective solutions to attain the look you have
always wanted. FREE consultation is also available.
Payment Methods
We accept Cash, Money Orders, Certified Checks, Mastercard, Visa and CareCredit.
Unfortunately we do NOT accept American Express or Discover.
Financing/Payment Plans
Financing is offered through CareCredit( Please note that this service
is through a third party and that you will have to qualify for this service directly with
CareCredit. If interested in this payment option, please pre-qualify before your appointment
and bring your account number with you.
Prices and Treatments:
$800 per treatment
$2100 package of 3 treatments (save $100 per treatment)
$3600 package of 6 treatments (save $200 per treatment)
***Package Treatments: All package treatments can be used in one or more areas
Special Pricing
We offer a limited number of special pricing each month. This is not posted on the website, but
may be offered to you during your free consultation.
About us:
Medical Director
Stephen C. Jacob, MD is the founder and medical director of AMEDIS. Dr. Jacob is board
certified by the American Board of Preventive Medicine and specializes in anti-aging aesthetic,
wellness, and preventative health services. Dr. Jacob has been a practicing physician since 1992
and created AMEDIS to offer the benefits of new advances in medicine to everyday people who
have an interest in looking good and staying healthy. Dr. Jacob has focused the bulk of his
practice to cosmetic body-sculpting procedures. Dr. Jacob is genuine, caring, and is committed
to client satisfaction.
AMEDIS staff is composed of other physicians specializing in aesthetic and cosmetic procedures,
registered nurses and licensed medical aestheticians who are personally trained and supervised
by the medical director. All staff are employed with the concepts of safety, integrity, and client
satisfaction in all services offered by AMEDIS.
4480 N. Shallowford Rd., Suite 222; Atlanta, GA 30338
Tel: 1877-321-LIPO
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Smartlipo is a medical clinic that is dedicated to giving its clients the body they have always wanted. With highly experienced staff. Amedis can make you look and feel good.

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