Looking for an exciting weekend getaway? Come for a Ghost Hunting Weekend Retreat in TEXAS!

Christopher Moon and Haunted Times Magazine present an exciting Ghost Hunter University Weekend Paranormal Retreat in Galveston, Texas on July 11th and 12th, 2008!

Exciting GROUP incentives for Haunted Times Magazine's upcoming Ghost Hunter University Weekend Paranormal Retreat in Galveston!!!

Join 22 year veteran of paranormal research, Christopher Moon and Haunted Times Magazine, for an exciting Ghost Hunter University weekend paranormal retreat in TEXAS!  

All paranormal groups are WELCOME, as Christopher Moon teaches his famous university events, and opens the floor to other researchers and investigators interested in sharing their paranormal research techniques and stories in the field.  Come be taught, and TEACH!!!

As always, Christopher, the original researcher of the Telephone to the Dead a.k.a. Frank's Box, will be teaching about this device, as well as using it during the paranormal investigations of the weekend!

Groups of 5 - 10 receive a 10% discount off Ghost Hunter University Weekend Paranormal Retreat events!!!

Groups of 10 or more receive a 20% discount off Ghost Hunter University Weekend Paranormal Retreat events!!!

ALL group members will receive a FREE issue of Haunted Times Magazine, and be registered for the following: a FREE one year subscription to Haunted Times Magazine, a FREE 15 minute reading with Christopher Moon and the Telephone to the Dead, and FREE admission to an upcoming Ghost Hunter University event!

Group discounts are limited, so HURRY and get your group booked TODAY!


The Tremont House Hotel – SERIES EVENT

Galveston, TX

July 11th and 12th, 2008

Ghost Hunting 101 and Ghost Hunting 102

Cost: $249 plus tax per person

History of Galveston:

Founded in 1836, Galveston has a history as old and phantom-filled as the entire state of Texas. Tales of pirates and civil war soldiers, of drowned victims of the Great Storm of 1900 that still wander the Galveston Island streets looking for home. These are but a few of the phantoms of Haunted Galveston.

During the Civil War, many buildings on the Islands were used to hold prisoners -- the Islands changed hands twice and so both Union and Confederate soldiers were at one time held prisoner there. Many of the Strand buildings were also used to hospitalize wounded from both sides of the War of the Rebellion. Some of these buildings still stand to this day and there are reports of sightings of both Union and Confederate soldiers who still linger where their souls passed on.

The Great Storm of 1900

This storm, now known to have been a category 5 hurricane, is still recorded as the worst natural disaster in US history. The death toll of the 1900 Storm was estimated to be between 6,000 - 8,000 with 4,000 homes and other buildings leveled by the onslaught of torrential rains, wind and storm surge.

With the howling of the winds came the rising flood waters and panicked crowds took refuge where they could in the face of the oncoming deluge. Hundreds jammed into the Tremont Hotel in downtown Galveston (now the Tremont House Hotel) where their ultimate refuge was the roof of the building, exposed to the wind and rain. As the storm surge pummeled ashore entire buildings were washed away or overturned like teacups into the murky tide. People clustered on roof tops watched in horror as friends and neighbors were swept past them to their deaths. People grabbed onto anything that would float, including coffins washed out of their resting place in the local cemeteries.

Bodies seemed to be everywhere. Those collected immediately after the storm were hauled out to sea on barges and dumped for burial at sea. But nature had a last cruel trick to play and as the tide turned, bodies began to wash up on the beaches by the thousands. Temporary morgues were set up in the mercantile district, now called the Strand, and ultimately were set on huge pyres for burning. In some cases, sympathetic citizens would bury as many of the dead as possible in their courtyards and back lots. To this day it is not unusual for renovators in the older areas of the city to unearth bones presumed to be those of flood victims from plastered walls or from shallow back yard graves.

Residents and visitors alike have reported soldiers still grimacing in pain and moaning fitfully in the once makeshift hospitals that now house bright shops and chic cafes. It is not uncommon to be relaxing with a cup of coffee and a newspaper and to look up and find you are being studied from afar by the ghost of a long dead soldier. In one Strand shop, a body is sometimes seen apparently floating in thin air near the rafters -- a remnant, no doubt, of the floods of the Great Storm of 1900 when it washed in and was caught against the ceiling. Reports are even made of phantoms standing atop the sea wall and gazing rigidly out to Sea, perhaps awaiting the next killer storm? Other reports are more troubling, that those of a family who recently visited the haunted Galveston beach and were alarmed when what appeared to be a weeping woman and a small child began to follow them over the sand. When the family finally stopped and turned to confront them, there was no sign of either the woman or her child.                    

– Haunted America Tours

Join Christopher Moon and Haunted Times Magazine as we present our famous Ghost Hunter University Weekend Paranormal Retreat in the Lone Star state of Texas!  It is one you DON’T WANT TO MISS, as we are hosted by the historic and beautiful Tremont House Hotel in Galveston.

This exciting event is a two part series that begins on Friday evening, July 11th, with our popular Ghost Hunting 101 seminar. This seminar teaches the basics of ghost hunting, from ghost hunting protocol, to equipment used in the field, to definitions and examples of positive and negative evidence. During this seminar, we open the floor to fellow researchers and investigators, allowing for anyone to share their research techniques and stories with the group. Following this seminar, the Tremont House Hotel will provide attendees with dinner and a fascinating haunted history presentation. Following dinner, attendees will be shuttled to the Tremont House Hotel’s sister property, the Hotel Galvez, for a fully interactive paranormal investigation.&n bsp;The night is completed with an evidence sharing and wrap-up session after the investigation. The following night, Saturday, July 12th, we offer a more in-

depth Ghost Hunting 102 seminar. This seminar allows attendees to learn more about the paranormal, delving deeper into its realm. Shadow people, demons, and elementals are discussed, and how to interpret EVP is also a focus during this seminar. As with our Ghost Hunting 101 event, we will ask attendees to share their research techniques and stories about the topics of the evening. Dinner will be served after our seminar. Following dinner, guests enjoy a second night of paranormal investigating at the Tremont House Hotel itself, and evidence sharing and a wrap-up session conclude the event.  Guests will receive certificates of completion for their hard work.

For reservations, please call Haunted Times Magazine at 877-880-6232.

***The Tremont House Hotel is offering VERY special rates for rooms for our event attendees.  For room reservations, please call the Tremont House Hotel at 409-763-0300 and ask for the rates for the Haunted Times Magazine / Ghost Hunter University events July 11th and 12th.***

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Haunted Times Magazine is the premiere paranormal magazine in the United States. Christopher Moon, President, Senior Editor, and Co-Owner of the magazine also hosts Ghost Hunter University Weekend Paranormal Retreats around the country.
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