Smartlipo The New Way To Get Rid Of Fat That Is Resistant To Diet And Exercise

Amedis is a medical clinic offering body sculpting procedures like smartlipo and lipojection. It is a safe laser fat removal procedure that shows results in about two weeks and is virtually painless with no down time.
June 24, 2008 - PRLog -- What is smartlipo?
SmartLipo  is a laser treatment that targets stubborn body fat areas such as the stomach, thighs amongst others, using a laser surgery technique. This procedure is done using a laser tipped tube that works under the skin shining directly at the fat, causing it to liquefy. This oily liquid is then removed through a tiny incision in the skin by the doctor. The laser beams coagulate the small blood vessels in the area so, there is less bruising than traditional liposuction. The laser fiber placed underneath the skin is heated to stimulate fibroblast (cells that produce collagen) causing a tightening effect to the skin.

Benefits of smartlipo:
- Tightening skin – The micro laser used to liquefy and remove fat also tightens the skin by stimulating the cells that produce collagen.
- Gets rid of stubborn fat areas that cannot be gotten rid off by exercise and diet. Giving you a new sexy look by losing fat fast.
- SmartLipo  is a proven safe and effective procedure.
- The procedure is performed under local tumescent anesthesia  applied to only the areas of treatment, patient is awake during the procedure.
- Minimal discomfort during the procedure
- Less down time than the traditional liposuction
- Shorter recovery period, usually within a few days

Risks and patient warnings:
 Like any other medical procedure, there are risks associated with SmartLipo. However complications are extremely rare. Keep in mind that SmartLipo is not a method of weight control but rather a procedure used to remove stubborn fat pockets that do not respond to diet or exercise. Some of the risks and warnings include:
   - Minimal risk of infection
   - Swelling and bruising on treated areas but it usually disappears after a few days
   - Patients should be in good health to avoid any complications.
SmartLipo is an effective procedure but it cannot reach fat deep in the body that surrounds internal organs.

Some of the risks above can be reduced by carefully following the instructions given to you by the doctor before and after the procedure. Choosing a qualified and experienced doctor is also important.

Cost/Expense and Financing:
SmartLipo  is an effective and affordable procedure that gives you the look you have always wanted.

Financing/Payment Plans
Financing is offered through CareCredit ( Please note that this service is through a third party and that you will have to qualify for this service directly with CareCredit. If interested in this payment option, please pre-qualify before your appointment and bring your account number with you.
Please note our “no-interest” (0% interest) restrictions:
   If $500 or less, no interest (0%) financing is NOT available
   If $501-$1500, no interest (0%) financing is available for 3 months
   If $1501 or more, no interest (0%) financing is available for 6 months
   We DO NOT offer interest (0%) financing for 12 months
   No interest (0%) financing cannot be combined with any other discounts

Payment Methods
We accept Cash, Money Orders, Certified Checks, Mastercard, Visa, and CareCredit.  We do not accept American Express or Discover.
- Skin Tightening with liposuction add $500 per area
-  Add-on = an area  done as many times as any other area of equal or higher price

About us:
Stephen C. Jacob, MD is the founder and medical director of AMEDIS. Dr. Jacob is board certified by the American Board of Preventive Medicine and specializes in anti-aging aesthetic, wellness, and preventative health services. Dr. Jacob has been a practicing physician since 1992 and created AMEDIS to offer the benefits of new advances in medicine to everyday people who have an interest in looking good and staying healthy. Dr. Jacob has focused the bulk of his practice to cosmetic body-sculpting procedures. Dr. Jacob is genuine, caring, qualified and committed to client satisfaction.
AMEDIS staff is composed of other physicians specializing in aesthetic and cosmetic procedures, registered nurses and licensed medical aestheticians who are personally trained and supervised by the medical director. All staff are employed with the concepts of safety, integrity, and client satisfaction in all services offered by AMEDIS.
4480 N. Shallowford Rd., Suite 222; Atlanta, GA 30338
Tel: 1877-321-LIPO
Call for free consultation

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Amedis is a medical center that offers affordable laser body sculpting procedures that make patients look and feel beautiful. Smartlipo and lipojection are the two procedures that Amedis offers, with highly qualified and experienced staff  Amedis gives its clients remarkable results. Conveniently located in Atlanta Georgia, fly patients are welcome. Call or visit the website for more info or to  schedule a free consultation with one of the physicians at Amedis.

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