BJP President Rajnath Singh confident of New Allies, rules out 'sagai' with BSP

WE WILL VOTE AGAINST N-DEAL: Rajnath Singh Cagy on no confidence motion: Rules out another 'Sagai' with BSP SUPREMELY CONFIDENT OF NEW ALLIES BJP leader's free-wheeling interview with Harish Gupta
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June 24, 2008 - PRLog -- New Delhi:   Asserting that there are no differences within BJP over N-deal, the party chief Rajnath Singh has ruled out support to the controversial agreement that has pushed to the Manmohan government to the precipice.  "We will vote against it (the deal)", he said but remained cagy on whether the BJP would table a no-confidence motion against the UPA-led government if Parliament meets for its monsoon session.

"Let the Left decide first what they want to do. We need not reveal our strategy (in advance)', Rajnath Singh told India News Editor in Chief & CEO, Harish Gupta in a freewheeling interview for the India News where he occasionally lets his guard down like for instance on his faith in Kundali and astrology and his co-pilot in the BJP leadership race.  The Interview will be telecast on Tuesday June 24, 9:30 pm on India News in the programme "AAP aur HUM".

The BJP president blamed the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for the impasse on the N-deal. "He did not discuss with us the main opposition party in the country. This is most unfortunate. Yes, he invited us (BJP senior leaders) for a discussion. But what was there to discuss when he began the discussion saying the 'deal is frozen'. It would have been fair and proper had he consulted us on these issues".

In the same breath, Rajnath, who has turned out to be a lucky mascot for his BJP with victories in Gujarat and Karnataka, charged the Prime Minister with misleading Parliament. "Whatever Dr Manmohan Singh said in parliament are not there (in the agreement). BJP is unwilling to sacrifice the country's strategic options".  

When pointed out that the India would not be signing the CTBT, he shot back: "It is not the question of signing CTBT. The agreement they (UPA government) are signing will not give India the freedom to carry out a nuclear test if it deemed necessary"

Pressed for a categorical reply on BJP plans, Rajnath Singh merely said: 'The Left parties keep saying we are withdrawing support (to the government they are supporting from outside). They don't pull the plug. People have started disbelieving the Left. I do not trust them…".


When asked whether he would characterize the Left actions as double standards, the BJP leader, who was once UP Chief Minister, said: "I don't want to use such harsh words. They are lulled by the winds of power that they have been facing in the past five years'.

Nevertheless, he took a dig at Marxists' China fixation, saying, "I only go the extent of saying that the Left leaders should remember that theirs is a party of India and not of some other country…."

Turning to the emerging political situation, the BJP president admitted that the scene was warming up for elections but did not like to hazard a guess on the timing of the Lok Sabha elections.

"We are prepared ( for the electoral battle)", is all he was prepared to say on the issue  while sounding extremely confident that the BJP led NDA would gather more allies and romp home victorious in the elections.


It is wrong to say, he went on to say, that the BJP is having few friends and its options for friends are shrinking.  "We are in touch with some friends.  We are talking. We will let you know when the time comes.. Not now", the saffron party chief said neither denying nor admitting that he had a meeting with the PMK leader Ramadoss of Tamilnadu, who has fallen out with the DMK.

With a smile, he added: "There are reasons for our (BJP) confidence. I don't want to say some thing just for the heck of saying. That will undermine my credibility. I can tell you this much. Believe me. We are on course. We will let you know when the time comes".

Turning to Uttar Pradesh, which is his Karma Bhoomi, Rajnath Singh, categorically ruled out any tie- up with Mayawati of Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP).

"No. Not at all. There is no such talk (tie up with BSP)", the BJP president said, noting at the same time BJP and BSP had 'sagai' thrice but it was called off every time. "The marriage cannot take place"


The interviewer Harish Gupta asked him about his co-pilot. "Atal Bihari Vajpayee and L K Advani are the two mascots of the party for years.  Now that you represent the Gen Next in the BJP saddle, who is your comrade in arms", he enquired.

Rajnath Singh replied:  What co-partner? Comrade in arms?  We are all together. We are moving together. Advaniji is our leader. That's all".

Question: To what extent your Kundali helped to bring happy tidings to BJP

Ans: The party touched new heights because of our workers hard work and enthusiasm.  The credit doesn't go to me.

Question: People say you have a lucky Kundali.

Ans: My Kundali? Shall I tell you the truth?  I know the year of my birth. There is no clarity about the time and date of my birth. So you see there is no Kundali (for me). If somebody prepared the birth chart based on certain incidents and inferences, then I don't think it can be perfect."

Question: I am putting this question again because after you became party president, celebrations time has set in for the BJP. What have you done - is it all because of your magic or simple anti-incumbency syndrome?

Ans: No, I don't think this is my magic.

BJP president refused to be drawn into a comparison with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh saying "I am not nominated by the family like in his (PM's) case, I am elected by our party, which regularly holds organizational elections".

He denied that the BJP was beset by crises. There is no internal crisis in the party, he declared and said, "Ours is party with internal democracy. When we have to take a decision it is not taken by one or two or three persons. It is taken only after serious analysis and wide consultations, truly democratically.



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