Bursitis Is Literally The Inflammation Of A Bursa.

Bursitis is literally the inflammation of a bursa. These Bursae are located throughout the body, and help allow for normal, painless movement.
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June 21, 2008 - PRLog -- A bursa is a fluid filled sac which is located between tissues like muscles, bones, skin and tendons. (Plural form of bursa = bursae). These bursae provide cushioning for movement and pressure. While a healthy bursa creates a smooth gliding surface that can make movement normally painless, an inflamed bursa can feel quite different.

What is Bursitis ?

Bursitis refers to inflamation of a bursa. Some symptoms of bursitis inlcude pain, swelling, and tenderness; all pain localized to and around the area of the bursa. Most commonly, bursitis is found in adults, especially for those over 40 years of age. Local inflammation and chronic irritation associated with bursitis can develop from repetitive trauma. The prepatellar (above the knee or patella) bursa is the most commonly affected and when inflamed is called "housemaid's knee." The prepatellar bursa develops within the first years of an individual's life, as a result of mechanical pressure and friction. This bursa serves the purpose of reducing friction on underlying structures and allowing maximal range of motion in the knee. Aseptic prepatellar bursitis can develop for a individual in a kneeling position who is doing work, hence the name of the condition : "housemaid's knee".

How Does A Bursa Become Inflamed And How Is It Treated?

Treatment of a non infected bursa involves the disconitinuation of an irritating activity. Rest is important. Knee braces can also aid in the process of recovery for bursitis. While they do not cure an individual with bursitis, they can help reduce the pain associated with this condition. For example, when a painful movement from side to side occurs (or in any direction) this may continue to irritate or inflame the bursa. A knee brace can serve as an assitive adjunct to your recovery. The knee brace will help prevent those movements that can irritate your condition, and can therefore can help reduce your pain, while helping to give you the meaningul support you deserve.

In many cases, you will probably be able to treat bursitis at home ( Always see your physician for your particular situation). Some ways an individual can avoid bursitis is to stay in shape, and to work out moderately (overuse is a common cause of bursitis). Make sure to stretch before and after workouts, and mix up your routine. While kneeling, the use of cushions can help reduce the chances of developing bursitis.

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