Atlanta Web Technology Rolls Out Awesome SEO Plan Offering Small Website Owners Affordable Service

Atlanta, Georgia - June, 18 2008 - New offering allows access to coveted cutting edge technology of Search Engine Optimization, Advertising and Marketing that makes sense. Accepting all forms of payment even Installments-no credit check or interest.
Atlanta Web Technology Search Engine Optimization Firm
Atlanta Web Technology Search Engine Optimization Firm
June 18, 2008 - PRLog -- Online Home: http://www.AtlWebTech.Com

Atlanta Web Technology's C.E.O. and Senior Analyst Dr. Mark Taylor announced this week that they are going to set new industry standards. Dr. Taylor stated; "We are seeing a huge influx of people on the Internet. People are flocking to it to find anyway possible to save money. With gas prices soaring, and milk not far behind, and with the housing market crash it is no wonder people are out to offset the cost of living". Only the large companies with an Internet presence are reaping the rewards. They are the ones that can afford the absolute necessary SEO search Engine Optimization that draws or better put let consumers know they are out there. If you want to show up in the top search results on major search engines then you better be on top of SEO techniques. In the recent past SEO consulting has skyrocketed, because most firms know that without their services you are likely to fail in any online undertaking. So companies are all to eager to pay their high fees knowing well it pays dividends. Dr. Taylor further stated; "We are bringing it to the small website owners. We will make it affordable to them by customizing our service to their budget. Giving them cutting edge technology with profound results. We not only are adapting our pricing on a case to case basis, but we are also re-establishing some well missed client services. Services that never should have left. Like being able to speak to a human at the drop of a hat nearly 16 hours a day, 7 days a week, accepting any form of payment from credit cards to money orders, and even personal checks, and all forms of wire transfers. We have even developed a plan that allows clients to pay a small fee down, and pay the balance over an extended period of time with no credit checks, and no interest. Atlanta Web Technology has an interesting staff that is made up of experts in marketing/advertising, programmers, and a lead Engineer. Topped of with having on board a psychologist that truly knows human behavior, and the whole outfit is A.M.I. SEO certified. A team that can definitely produce tremendous results. Dr. Taylor said; " We do not push any software sales on our clients. We deliver to them what they need in a timely professional manner. We have extremely affordable advertising plans that have fantastics lasting effects. So they are in reach of even the smallest budget. We can produce results for anyone. We not only perform the work we also teach the client the basics as we go so that they can learn to handle some of the easy things thereby saving future money, and allowing our firm to handle the more difficult tasks. We were asked if we would lose profits. No way. When we reach these small guys, and produce affordable and personal service with great lasting results we will not only gain referrals, but we gain a client for life. So we expect the profits to rise. 10 small clients earn you as much or more than one large account, and we expect a flood. We intend on setting a precedence on the Internet. The beauty of it is at the end of the day we feel great knowing we helped the small guy in this shattered economy".

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Atlanta Web Technology offers full cutting edge SEO, Search Engine Optimization. We have effective,sensible Advertising, and Marketing. We offer a full range of Hosting services as well as domain names, and dedicated servers. We have experts in Microsoft SharePoint a powerful, and affordable collaboration platform for small, and large businesses and organizations. Our staff is comprised of experts in all I.T disciplines. All of these cutting edge technologies provided in an old fashion customer service manner that is both accessible, courteous, and professional. Obtainable, and customizable to any budget even allowing payment plans with no credit checks or interest. We do accept major credit cards as well as personal check and most other forms of payment.

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