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Every single day we get thank you calls and notes from our clients. This is only possible because of our unquestionable integrity, our spotless track record, and the tireless dedication of our debt relief experts.
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June 14, 2008 - PRLog -- DO YOUR RESEARCH!


There are a lot of debt relief companies out there making all kinds of claims.  We have heard our clients loud and clear!  They told us:

"I need help!  I want a simple process that won't drag on for years.  I'm drowning in debt.  Is there a way to offset ALL of my unsecured (credit cards, store charge cards, gas cards, medical bills, student loans, etc.) debt?  I can't afford a payment plan, bankruptcy is way too scary, and I don't want to refinance my house.  Debt counseling is nice, but it doesn't get rid of my debt!  Is there anything else we can do?"

We responded!  Our process is so simple and we handle almost all of the work.  We legally offset 100% of our clients' unsecured debt.

Listen to the audio overview on our website at http://www.integritydebtreliefgroup.com, fill out the form to request your free consultation, then ask your personal debt expert how you can research us!  Every single day we get thank you calls and notes from our clients.  This is only possible because of our unquestionable integrity, our spotless track record, and the tireless dedication of our debt relief experts.


"I was in debt with no way out, until I was told about this company.  Becoming debt free has been an easy process that I have been amazed by.  I followed the instructions and have not had any problems.  All I do is send any paperwork I get from the credit card company and the company takes care of it.  A simple, easy to follow system that has given me the financial freedom and relief from the huge debt that used to keep me awake nights, worrying how I was going to pay it off.  Thank you, thank you."

--Diane in Colorado

"I took a chance when I signed up seven months ago.  My agent had a lot of faith in the Director of Marketing who recommended the program to him and the co. had a spotless record which was very encouraging to me. When I asked him how many people he had brought into the program he confessed that I was his first customer but I was not deterred and signed up anyway.

It all sounded great to me and made more sense to me than any other program I had found and besides I had a lot of credit card debt to get rid of.  They have made me a real believer.  I believe all my credit card debt is now behind me and I am know benefiting from the credit restoration part of the program.

To anyone hesitating in starting the program I highly recommend you do as I did and sign up and expect it to all work out perfectly.  I could not be happier with my decision and recommend it to anyone with serious debt . I’m so impressed I have signed up to become an agent myself."

--Tony in Florida

"I found out about this completely by accident, and what a great accident!  I had incurred a huge personal debt because of a business downturn and didn’t know what to do.  Since personal bankruptcy is no long afforded the working man, only for corporations, I was at wits end as to what to do.  Like you, I am constantly bombarded with advertisements by debt consolidation companies that promise the moon, but deliver nothing.

So here I am, one happy camper.  They have been such a pleasure to deal with.  They definitely are in this business for more than to make money.  Thank you."

--Alden in California

"I must admit that was very skeptical about using contract law in addressing my credit card debt. I have read up on this subject and now understand the process even better and being a client i have seen it is action. I can not begin to tell anyone the relief of getting out from under some much debt and starting fresh at this stage of my life.  It has been a huge burden lifted off me and now can wake up each morning feeling so much lighter due to the lifting of the debt.  Again, I can not begin to tell you the relief that you will feel, but it does work."

--Dr. Jon in Tennessee

Visit us at http://www.integritydebtreliefgroup.com

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