Food Industry Discovers New Technology to Kill Salmonella and E-coli

Food processors explore NAV-CO2 technology following nationwide outbreaks of foodborne illness and product recalls.
Biomist Power Sanitizing System
Biomist Power Sanitizing System
June 12, 2008 - PRLog -- One of the biggest challenges facing today’s food processors is hygiene and effective sanitation.  In the past year, contaminated peanut butter led to illnesses in more than 300 people and at least 50 hospitalizations.1 Contaminated spinach resulted in 206 illnesses, three deaths, and more than 100 people hospitalized.1  The FDA recently issued a Food Protection Plan to address public health risks, and is encouraging the development of new technologies to fight pathogens in our nation’s food supply.  Manufacturers concerned about the impact of a recall are turning to a new system that converts alcohol into a non-flammable vapor, making it possible to sanitize surfaces that cannot be quickly sanitized by other methods.  

This new system utilizes liquid carbon dioxide as a propellant to spray a fine alcohol mist. Using this process, oxygen is temporarily displaced by an envelope of rapidly expanding CO2 gas, rendering the vapor non-flammable. The patented technology, known as Non-flammable Alcohol Vapor in Carbon Dioxide (NAV-CO2), has recently stepped into the spotlight following the upswing of product recalls and outbreaks of foodborne illness across the nation.

“What makes NAV-CO2 technology unique is that it is non-corrosive, self-drying, and safe for food contact surfaces” says Robert Cook, of Biomist Inc., the exclusive manufacturer of the technology.  “The ease of use allows one person to effectively sanitize over 4000 square feet in less than two hours. The vapor penetrates into cracks and crevices where pathogens hide, and disinfects areas beyond physical reach. For example, you can sanitize the interior of an electrical panel or between keys of a keyboard and kill pathogens without corrosion.  This can’t be accomplished with traditional sanitizing methods and chemicals.”

"Food processors are protecting their investments by utilizing NAV-CO2 systems" says Charles Carman, a quality assurance consultant who works with industry professionals. "Modern electronic packaging equipment is not compatible with corrosive sanitizers and wet-wash methods.  NAV-CO2 systems sanitize the sensitive components without damaging them. Food processors recover the investment many times over in fewer service parts and reduced down-time."

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