21st Century Apprentices Discover E Is For E-learning

Plumbers and gas engineers are being given the opportunity to train 21st Century style using a set of fully interactive ‘e-learning’ modules that guides them through the core technical curriculum and syllabus and NVQ level II in Plumbing and Gas.
June 12, 2008 - PRLog -- Plumbers and gas engineers are being given the opportunity to train 21st Century style using a set of six fully interactive `e-learning’ modules that guide them through the core technical curriculum and syllabus and NVQ level II in Plumbing and Gas. The CD based modules are far more memorable and engaging than conventional book-based learning as they incorporate the latest 3D animation, graphics, video clips, giving excellent recall. Using the programme students are first guided through a visual tutorial, with voice-over, before having the opportunity to practice their skills in a PC based virtual reality house.

The course has been developed by virtual reality and e-learning specialists Skills2Learn, in partnership with the College of North London, Hammersmith & West London College and plumbing home study specialists, Train4Trade Skills.

The six subject areas covered are Health & Safety, Soft Soldering Techniques, Copper Tube Bending, Gas Controls, Domestic Central Heating Design Principals and Condensing Combination Boilers. The course can be bought by individuals, colleges, and large or small businesses for inexperienced trainees, or used to update more experienced engineers, following revised legislation.

It runs on CD, online, or can be installed on VLE (Virtual Learning Environment). Skills are demonstrated by imaginative use of graphics, video, 2D and 3D animation, while a voice-over describes the process being taught.  This allows the trainee to view the scenario as many times as necessary and students can then practice their skills through a series of interactive exercises, undertaken in the safe setting of the virtual reality house.

Skills2Learn MD, Dr. Majid Al-Kader, said, “The e-learning technology used in the modules is designed to maximize students’ recall. The familiar graphical style training is very engaging and the student can repeat the skill he’s learnt in a safe environment where students can neither harm themselves nor damage customers’ premises. This technology lends itself perfectly to demonstrating practical skills”.

Skills2Learn also claim that the new e-learning process saves organizations significant sums in wasted materials.

Dr. Majid Al-Kader continued “one of our clients, a London college, claims to save around £100,000 each year in copper pipe now that students can practice cutting and soldering virtual pipes on the computer. The interactive programme gives them the choice of how long to apply the heat and how and where to apply the solder. If they get it wrong, the virtual pipe overheats visually on the PC screen and the soldering won’t work.  By the time the trainees are trying this in a real situation, they know just how long the need to heat up the pipe and how and where to solder it, virtually eliminating waste”.

For more information about the programme and to see a demo, please visit: www.skills2Learn.com.

The learning programme is available for an annual license arrangement of £995 plus VAT, The Individual modules of this programme are now also available online.


Order online: www.skills2Learn.com/elearning

OR contact: Barry Maurer, Skills2Learn Ltd, 3b Opal Court Fox Milne, Milton Keynes, MK15 0DF

T: 0845 0509510  www.skills2learn.com
Email: barry.maurer@skills2learn.com

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About Skills2Learn: Skills2Learn is a games-based e-learning ('Serious Games') company specialising in developing computer game/simulation approaches to meet with your training requirements. We use the latest online technologies to develop engaging, fully interactive virtual reality computer based training programmes. Skills2Learn key staff have been developing Serious Games based e-learning programmes for 15 years.

Website: www.skills2learn.com

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