Can One Man and a thirteen dollar website change the insurance industry?

He's one guy with a five page website, no money, but a remarkable skill set, international reputation, and the drive to make insurance companies accountable.
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June 8, 2008 - PRLog -- Can one man and a thirteen dollar website change the insurance industry?

GWLclient believes he can and web visitors agree.

On the first day of a small campaign to take on an insurance industry giant the site recorded about eighty clicks, and six comments.  Meantime the forty something GWLclient was inundated with private letters of support, sad stories and offers of help. What began as a rant to blow off steam has become a David and Goliath battle with David as the odds on favourite.

GWLclient (that’s not his real name) has abandoned any pretense of fighting his own case and focuses on the bigger picture: complete reform of the disability insurance industry.

“I did some searching and started turning up dozens of court cases where ordinary people had sued this company, and I wanted to weep.”  Notes Mr. Client

Among the most poignant cases posted on the site is a decision from the Court of Appeal in British Columbia, Canada.  A young father faced with a debilitating illness was denied coverage under a policy he had with Great-West Life Assurance Company, a 221 Billion dollar insurance industry giant.  For more than two years Great-West Life used its corporate legal machine to deny justified benefits to Mr. Warrington of Vancouver, B.C.  During that time his expectant wife landed in hospital, facing the threat of losing her unborn child, the family kept its home only through the help of friends from church, and Mr. Warrington was forced to go on welfare.  

Great-West Life made a “courthouse steps” offer as the case went to trial 26 months later.  Mr. Warrington wisely chose to wait and hear what the judges would say.  In an unprecedented move by the Appeal Court Great-West Life was ordered to pay an additional ten thousand dollars to Mr. Warrington, on top of the amount owed and all of Mr. Warrington’s legal fees.  Then the panel of judges turned its wrath on representatives of Great-West Life, scolding the company for its heartless and unjustified actions.

“There are dozens more just like it” Notes Mr. Client, “And I can’t find a single case Great-West Life has won.”

Explaining the pseudonym Mr. Client notes it’s for the protection of his employer.  He offers to send a complete biography to anyone who should want to check up on his credibility.  

“When they see who I am, there’s no doubt about my sincerity, nor my skills to take on this company.”

Indeed Mr. Client has an international reputation, a solid grounding in the disciplines of law and medicine, investigative research skills and a wall of certificates and plaques honoring his work in professional and charitable pursuits.  Notes one poster on his site:

“You can win this David and Goliath fight. You have the credibility and intelligence to do so, as well as sound logic. GWL deserves a massive kick in the balls! Go for it! Many will be cheering on the sidelines.”

Mr. Client has refused all offers of outside help, posting on his site that he will not accept monetary donations or offers of legal representation.  

“I want people to be clear that I have only one motivation in doing this, and that’s to change a set of rules that gives insurance companies all the power.  I’ve written off collecting on my claim.  It can’t be about me.”

So can one man with a thirteen dollar website bring down a corporate giant?  Mr. Client says if anyone can, he can, and posts both public and private seem to agree.  A short note from a friend in the public relations business says it all.

“What were they thinking?’

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