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“Give the IRS the Slip with A Solo 401(k)”
June 3, 2008 - PRLog -- The Secret Retirement, LLC shares pertinent information for the self employed regarding retirement investments. With years of experience and expertise The Secret Retirement, LLC explains self directed IRA’s, how to start a business, how to pay less taxes, how to fire the IRS, how to start a solo 401(k) and the power of the 401(k). The Secret Retirement, LLC shares specific information for entrepreneurs on how to start a solo 401(k). More information is available online

The Secret Retirement, LLC explains the solo 401(k). Although not a new concept, the Solo 401(k) has only gained acceptance as a legitimate and powerful retirement planning tool over the last 10 years.  Once only used by larger private companies, today’s self-employed business owner looking to invest more of their hard-earned money in a far more “tax-advantaged” account than allowed with traditional retirement plans have turned more and more to the Solo 401(k).  “In doing so, they are keeping more of their profits and paying less in taxes every year,“ says Chuck Neuschafer of The Secret Retirement, LLC.

Chuck gives detailed information regarding the contribution limitations on the solo 401(k). If a person is self-employed, they can set up a Solo 401(k) and invest in a number of legitimate opportunities.  This includes franchises, businesses, real estate, and other nontraditional investment opportunities.  Currently, they can contribute up to 100% of the first $15,500 of their compensation or self-employment income ($20,500 if are 50 or older).  Also, they can currently contribute and deduct an additional 25% of your compensation income or 20% of their self-employment income.  The maximum contribution they can make per year is $46,000. The Secret Retirement, LLC also points out that there are many benefits of the solo 401(k). More information is available online

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The Secret Retirement, LLC teaches the strategies that have been the Secrets of the wealthy for years. Clients learn how to start saving and investing the money they are currently giving the IRS. They will learn multiple strategies using conventional and unconventional investments to accelerate wealth and secure their financial future–TAX FREE.

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