IRI To Launch MunoTM Boost - Immune System Booster

IRI Separation Technologies (TSX.V:IRI) is the manufacturer of a remarkable new dietary supplement that enhances the human body’s natural immune system through direct supplementation of actual antibodies.
May 29, 2008 - PRLog -- IRI Separation Technologies (TSX.V:IRI) is the manufacturer of a remarkable new dietary supplement that enhances the human body’s natural immune system through direct supplementation of actual antibodies . The product will be available in the United States and Canada under the brand name “Muno Boost” and will be available as an over-the-counter dietary supplement in pharmacies and   through direct marketing.

Muno BoostTM  is proof that the old adage “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is more than just a saying.

Muno BoostTM is a concentrated source of polyclonal antibodies, or Immunoglobulin (Ig) that is the most natural, direct and practical method of enhancing the body’s own ability to fight off bacteria or viral borne illnesses that make up 80% of the diseases humans face on a daily basis.

The product targets individuals over 40 who travel frequently to areas of the world where the risk of infectious disease represents a pervasive threat to their health, such as in Asia, where avian flu is once again spreading and killing people. As we age we begin to lose our immunoglobulin or antibodies. It has been shown that at the age of 60 we have only one half the antibodies we had at age 40.

Antibodies are effective against bacteria and viruses, while antibiotics are effective only against bacteria.

The H5N1 virus has killed a total of 236 people worldwide since its outbreak in 2003, and is now known in 14 countries including China, Egypt and Indonesia.

Muno BoostTM  effectively isolates and purifies Immunoglobulins from natural sources and then concentrates them in capsule form for easy ingestion by humans.

The vast majority (80 %) of all disease and infections enter the body through our mouths, and are transmitted through mucosal tissue in our intestines or else stay in our bowels until our systems weaken. Immune cells located in the digestive tract produce tremendous quantities of immunoglobulin to prevent and fight infections from the variety of bacteria, viruses and toxins normally found in the intestinal system.

Over time, however, chemicals in our diet, age and other factors deplete our body's ability to produce immunoglobulin to fight disease, leading to a greater dependency on antibiotics and other medicines.

It is believed that Immunoglobulin supplements reduce the demand for naturally-produced antibodies, freeing more immune resources for use elsewhere in our body. Supplemental immunoglobulins first act in the intestinal tract to eliminate or inhibit the spread of disease-causing organisms and toxins. This creates a link between the stomach and the rest of the body. Fighting disease organisms and absorbing toxins in the bowel saps the immune system so the body's resources, particularly amino acids, which would normally be directed towards those challenges, can be redirected to other "battles" in other parts of the body.

Immunoglobulins are globular proteins also known as antibodies, naturally produced by the B cells in the bone marrow of healthy humans and certain other animals. Antibodies play a critical role in human and animal immune systems, preventing and suppressing diseases.

Immunoglobulin G (IgG) accounts for 75 percent of the total immunoglobulin found in the plasma of healthy individuals. It coats microorganisms so they can be destroyed by other cells from the immune system.

Immune globulin products from human plasma were first used in 1952 to treat immune deficiency, and has now been recognized as beneficial in the treatment of Hepatitis A, Influenza, and even cancer.

As you may already know, cancer is related to immune deficiency. Cancer cells develop in our bodies all the time, but our immune systems effectively kill the cancer cells before they further develop and symptomatically appear as the disease we know as "cancer." The development of cancer indicates that the immune system was ineffective in fighting the malignant cells that appeared; these cells took advantage of a weakened or altered state, grew, and spread out of control.

Boosting your immune system builds your body's defenses against naturally occurring cancer cells, thereby preventing a full-blown progression of the disease. If you already have cancer, immunoglobulins are vital for your treatment. Its immune-boosting abilities will help your body fight off the cancer.

IRI Separation Technologies is a publicly listed Biotech company that develops concentrated immunoglobulin products from natural sources for supplemental dietary use in both humans and animals.

The company’s new flagship product, Muno BoostTM , will be launched in pharmacies and through direct marketing campaigns.

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