Tangier, The inspirer. The best city to invest in tourism, hotels, resorts and import export

A dove poised on the shoulder of Africa” - Tangier has long been coveted for its strategic position for trading, tourism and property market. Let yourself follow your whims and your inspiration as you set out to explore Tangier. It is Tangier time.
Luxury LIving In Morocco
Luxury LIving In Morocco
May 21, 2008 - PRLog -- TANGIER , THE INSPIRER

“A dove poised on the shoulder of Africa” - Tangier has long been coveted for its strategic position. Since Tingis was founded in the IVth century BC, Carthaginians, Romans, Phoenicians, Vandals, Arabs, Spaniards, Portuguese and the English have jealously fought for the right to control it. No African city is closer to Europe, no other Orient is more dearly loved by European or American artists - painters, musicians or authors. Delacroix, Saint-Saïns, Matisse, Van Dongen, Tenessee Williams, Jean Genet, Joseph Kessel, William Burroughs and Paul Bowles, to name but a few, have all lived in Tangier - and been captivated by its spell.

Follow in their footsteps, and enter Tangier in style. By the Bab Erraha gate, breaching the ramparts and guiding you towards a breathtaking view over the city and the bay. Listen to the sounds of the port and the kasbah coming up from below. Let yourself follow your whims and your inspiration as you set out to explore Tangier. This is the Grand Socco (the great souk), so dear to Joseph Kessel, dominated by the minaret in multicoloured faience which rises above the Sidi Bou Abid mosque (1917). Where the peasants in red and white striped “foutas”, wearing their broad hats decorated with pom-poms, weave their way among the stalls and shops, alive with the bright colours of the fruit, pottery and cloth on display.

High end nvestors and business developers are immigrating from America, Canada, United Kingdom, Holland, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Russia, China, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Dubai and Kuwait to make more money in this magical country. 80% of Spanish real estate investors and agents moved to Morocco after their business has been closed many years ago in Spain. They found the best property and tourism business opportunity in Morocco, fallowed by the French, the Belgium, the British, the Italians, the Dutch, the Americans and the Russians. Luxury Living In Morocco - Property investment, management  and Land development known by its website http://www.myasilah.com is pleased to offer you all the professional and best service to make your dream come true with a long term successful projects in Morocco.


At the Forbes museum, 115 000 lead soldiers re-enact the major battles of history without flinching: Waterloo, the Somme and the battle of the Three Kings. This is a battle museum that is permeated with peace. The gardens are magnificent and the Hafa café is only 100 metres away.


To follow in the footsteps of Paul Bowles, Jean Genet or Pasolini, what could be better than a mint tea in the cafés of the Little Socco? Some might reply: “an absinthe tea” (chiba).


At Tangier, there are two promontories projecting into the waters of the two seas. Cape Malabata looks towards the rising sun. To be visited in the glow of the pre-dawn when sky and sea melt together in one blue luminescence. Cape Spartel looks towards the Atlantic and the setting sun. To be seen at dusk, when the horizon is pink and the vegetation is bathed in golden light.


In the baths at Lixus, 60m2 of superb mosaics show the austere and majestic features of Neptune, surrounded by shellfish motifs. Grandiose!


Every summer, during the cultural festival in August, the town becomes an enormous gallery. Artists exhibit their work in the superb setting of the Pasha Raïssouni palace, in the streets, or even paint directly on the walls of the town.
All this heritage makes Tangier, Asilah, Larache, Tetouan and Ksar Esguir the best place to invest in tourism, property and trading especially with the new international free zone port which is going to be open in July 2008 and to attract many international investors and traders who need resorts, hotels and high end properties to enjoy the country, its colourful history with many contrasts, its food, its weather, its landscape, its golf course,  its oceans,  its night life and its fantastic life style.

My advice for te foreign investors and business developers is to know and to learn about Morocco before to do any business because the you have to get the knowledge of doing business will be very successful if you are in the right hands with the Moroccan and international business development network. You dream, we assist you to make your dream come true for long term success because we are well connected with the Moroccan business roots.

If you are high end investors or business developer in property, tourism, construction or other industry, please feel free to contact the property investment and business development in Morocco from the website http://www.myasilah.com

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