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Find out the answer before moving to Guanajuato
May 21, 2008 - PRLog -- I intend to offer you lots of free content as well as sources that you can use to aid you in your expatriation adventure to our neighbors South of the Border. I will have much to say about Learning Spanish since this is the Portal to the culture and the key to preserving it. You have to learn the language if you are to have any hope for getting along well in this country's GREATEST COLONIAL CITY.

I also will provide the reader with ample resources that I hope will make their transition to The Highlands a little easier.

This site will deal primarily with specific expat issues and resources for Guanajuato, Mexico.

Almost every page on this website will reflect a unique and all but unheard of Philosophy of Expatriation to Mexico. As I've painstakingly pointed out in the books I've written and articles I've published online and in print venues, the vast majority of Americans who move to Mexico, for whatever reason, do not share our Expatriation Philosophy. They in fact, do not come close to resembling what we regard as being an expatriate to anywhere. What we believe should characterize a true expat might shock you or it might anger you or both. Regardless of your reaction, we write from the heart and seek to be as refreshingly honest as we can. CLICK HERE to be taken to our Expat Philosophy Page.

The point of it all is this: You have Americans, very, very rich Americans who come to Mexico with the intentions of getting rich through real estate investments. They want to get you to come and buy the houses they've built for extraordinary prices and will tell you anything to get you to give them money. So alluring and seductive is their used car salesman pitch, that more people will come for less than a week's vacation and pay money for a house in Mexico. They do so based on the Concept that Mexico is a paradise where nothng evil dwells. CLICK HERE for an example of a totally unrealistic and bordering on the verge of a lie description of expatriating to Mexico.

I would encourage you, if you can, to purchase one or two of these books in which Mexico is painted as a sinless paradise where nothing but charm and good will toward Americans permeates everything. Then, read a couple of my books so you can get a good contrast and a strongly worded difference of Expatriation Philosophy!!


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