Santoon Use Comixware® for Blaze of Glory The Movie

Comixware is being used by Santoon Productions, Inc. as the studio's main design/production platform for its feature animation project BLAZE OF GLORY THE MOVIE. The movie endorsed by China's Olympics committee will be released in 2008 Beijing Game.
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May 18, 2008 - PRLog -- Santoon Productions Use Comixware® for Blaze of Glory The Movie An Animated Feature

Beijing, China - Santoon Productions Inc. announces partnership with Yi.magination Studios in adopting Comixware® Production System for its feature animation project BLAZE OF GLORY the Movie.

BLAZE OF GLORY is an animated tale about the origin of Olympic Game. It tells the story of Greek mythological hero Pelops’s adventure in saving of Olympic torch. BLAZE project, produced by Santoon Productions and endorsed by China's Olympic committee is a multi-national collaboration by studios in China, United States, Poland and India. The film's theatrical release is to be coincided with the opening of Beijing Olympic Game in 2008.

As the main design and workflow platform, Comixware® is being used in all phases of Blaze project. In preproduction phase, Comixware was used to create animatics for storyboard visualization and time slogging. In current production phase, Comixware is being used for dailies review and retake orders by directors and crew members spread around the globe. Later in the movie distribution phase, Comixware will be used as a viral marketing tool to generate audience awareness for the movie’s theatrical release and merchandising campaign.

“The best thing about Comixware is its playfulness and seamlessness.” said San Wei Chan, the director and co-producer of BLAZE movie. “It allows you to start off a project casually from practically anywhere (a few doodles). But along the way it gives you infinite options to evolve and refine.” “There’s no rigid production framework to abide. You just move along spontaneously breathing with the process, during which feedbacks and improvements are surely to blend in. Then all of a sudden, it’s there! Your doodle turns into a masterpiece. It’s seamless! People love this process because it’s casual but uninhibited.” “I think the ease of use is the key. It doesn’t take a “license” or “certificate” (like other systems) to get proficient with Comixware. So everyone can join in and contribute. That’s I call creativity all inclusive!”

In addition to BLAZE project, Santoon Studio also uses Comixware as a remote proofing tool for its overseas clients in the area of animation program development and production.

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Additional information about BLAZE Movie can be obtained from BLAZE web site:

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