No More Low Male Libido- The Perfect Way to Enhance Low Male Libido

Low male libido is inevitably a result of low testosterone levels and can be solved by raising testosterone naturally. A good diet, exercise and natural supplements can help you boost your testosterone and low libido.
By: MattPenn
May 18, 2008 - PRLog -- There is perhaps a vast majority of men who want to enhance their low libido. Though a large number of synthetic drugs exist particularly for treating erectile dysfunction, libido enhancement is not much a possibility with these drugs. But now things have taken a turn for the better with the advent of natural supplements like Provacyl.
But before finding more about how it can help boost your libido and sex drive it is important to understand the link between Testosterone and male libido.

Testosterone is the principle male hormone which is secreted primarily by the testes. In adult males it is responsible for maintaining sex drive, muscle mass, bone strength and mood levels. Scientifically it is established that men start losing testosterone at 10% a decade. Though this is an average figure, there are men who lose more than this and there are men who lose at a lesser rate. It is those who lose at a higher rate that feel the effects more profoundly and are referred to as undergoing Andropause.

A decline in Testosterone leaves little unchanged in a man's body. Not only does it affect
libido often resulting in sexual or erectile dysfunction but is also responsible for loss of lean muscle mass and weight gain particularly along the waist. Moreover, it can lead to mood wings and declines bone density making men more prone to bone, hip and spine fractures. Hair loss is also associated with a dip in testosterone levels. A lack of this hormone is likely to reduce your energy levels and mental alertness as well.

Testosterone can be raised naturally through changes in diet. A good diet that is rich in proteins, moderate in essential fats and limited in carbohydrates help boost testosterone levels. Regular exercise also helps a great deal.

Provacyl is a supplement specially formulated for men to enhance their libido and testosterone. It is a unique blend of highly potent herbal extracts like muira pauma bark extract, panax ginseng, ginkgo biloba leaf, acai fruit, chaste berry, swedish flower pollen etc., Some of these herbs have been used for centuries in the Ancient Chinese and Indian medicine systems for libido enhancement and rejuvenation of energy and youthfulness.

Not only it raises testosterone but also stimulates growth hormones and is extremely effective in reversing age effects. It can help you improve your sex drive and get rock hard erections like you did in your twenties, gain lean muscle mass, reduce unwanted body fat, stop hair loss and increase energy, youthfulness and mental alertness.

So if you want reverse age effects, you have a perfect solution in the form of a pill that does not have any side effects and is approved clinically.
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