In the UK this summer 30% of employees will pretend to be sick to enjoy a day in the sun.

This means it's a boom time for London based website
May 13, 2008 - PRLog -- Some times people don’t wish to visit doctors for getting a Sick Note. The long waits, costs, and delays in getting appointments often make people ponder about the alternative options for obtaining a Sick Note. A fake Sick Note is great to serve your needs. There are number of web sites that can offer you a fake Doctors Note. They sell Doctors Note that look absolutely real. The Doctors Note offered by a few of these web sites have everything from logos, signature lines for the doctor, fax numbers, etc. These elements make them look extremely authentic. But if you are looking for the best, you need to do some research and get the one that goes absolutely best fits your needs. You can depend on online providers like for a Sick Note that can be customized according to your needs. Virtually all other websites that sell fake sick notes online are based in the USA, and based on USA doctors sick notes. On most other websites you get a downloadable, printable template – not with, they post you a real sick note- that will be on your UK doorstep in 48 hours.

The professional Sick Note available through can be submitted without any risks. For example, if your company is not so specific about the signature of the doctor, you can add just the details of your illness and duration of leave yourself, or opt for us to fill it in for you. In the section where the details of the doctor need to be specified, you can just add the name of the doctor. It is very common that many people forget to collect the Sick Note after consulting the doctor for illness. In such cases, the patient can just add the details without presenting the signature. In any instance of cross verification, the patient will be not face any trouble as the medical records with the doctor stand as a proof.

People use fake Sick Notes to take absence from work without facing any large consequences. Most of the leave policies in many British companies are not flexible enough to take leave without prior applications. One cannot take medical leave without applying in advance. At the time of rejoining after the break, you have to submit Sick Note as proof. But there are many situations where you need to take leave without prior notice. For example, in the case of illness of your loved ones, you need to take off from your work. The leave policies will not allow you to be absent without early notice. People can approach for a Doctors Note in such situations.

Many people misuse the availability of Sick Notes at the websites. While using the Doctors Note for taking leave, one should always remember the responsibility and commitment towards work. Many companies will not bother too much about the availability of fake Sick Notes unless there is a great impact by the absence of the employees. But you should take care that your Doctors Note looks authentic so that the suspicion never creeps into the minds of the authorities. provides authentic looking replicas of real UK private and NHS doctors that will be delivered to your UK address in 48 hours. The sick note can be customized upon the user’s interests by request. People have the option to edit the duration of leave and the reasons for taking the leave. Before buying, people have to agree to the disclaimer policies available in the website.

Looking for Sick Notes that work with no problems? Notes based after real UK Doctors Notes. For more information visit:

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