Wife Worries Over Unknown Phone Number

Sharon and John had been a couple ever since college. When they married, no one was surprised. However, recently Sharon has found reason for suspicion and anxiety that could ultimately destroy their relationship.
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May 11, 2008 - PRLog -- No one was surprised when John proposed on the day they graduated from college. In fact, everyone had high expectations that Sharon and John were going to turn out to be a modern day romantic fairytale. Shortly after they married, their family grew to include two amazing babies in addition to a loyal Golden Retriever. The white garden swing that served as the backdrop for their wedding photos stood proud on their lawn, a symbol of the undying love they couple shared. However, behind the scenes, there had been once when Sharon was afraid that all these would come crashing down unto her.

John had been staying out late a couple of nights a week, and would not return only until the wee hours in the morning. At first, Sharon didn't pay much attention to it, however, one day as she was sorting the laundry she came across a hastily scribbled phone number on a strip of paper. Sharon's mind could not help wandering to the late nights her husband had been keeping and even as she tried to keep her mind from thinking about it, her heart betrayed her fear of her husband's infidelity, almost stopping for an instant.

As she recalled all that they had went through together, and how hard they had worked towards building their family, she silently shed a tear as she wondered how John could throw all this away so carelessly and easily. She couldn't be certain of John's infidelity but how else could she explain this sudden change in her husband? She tried to hold things together, to keep up the appearances, but when John was off at work, and her children away in school, she couldn't help but crumble and sob hysterically. When her best friend Tina came over to console her, she simply poured out her heart to her best friend. Finally regaining enough composure to listen to what Tina had to say, she found out that she could identify an unknown phone number by simply using a reverse cell phone number lookup.

Imagine her surprise as they huddled over the computer and entered the suspicious phone number into the database. It actually belonged to a jeweler on 3rd street, rather than a mistress as Sharon had been suspecting. Feeling embarrassed and relieved, she replaced the slip of paper in John's pants and made Tina swear that she would never tell anyone about what happened. A week went by, John gave Sharon the biggest surprise of her life when he presented her with the diamond engagement ring that he had not been able to afford to buy when they got married. It was the one she had been secretly pining for ever since they tied the knot. A solitaire with their wedding date was engraved into the inside of the ring. A tear rolled down Sharon's cheek as she was glad that her fairytale was not over. She had been saved from doing anything stupid by being able to identify an unknown phone number, all thanks to http://www.cellphoneregistry.org/ .

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