New Jersey cosmetic dentist Bruce Bilow wins B division finals at the Valkyrie Squash club

Last years champion David Gilmour played to the roar of the crowd with many great diving returns
May 11, 2008 - PRLog -- Valkyrie Squash Club, Sea Bright, New Jersey holds its 2008 Closed Championships.

 NJ cosmetic dentist Bruce Bilow played and defeated Wesley Moore ( 3 games to none), Wilco Eschebach (3 games to 2) and was scheduled to play in the finals against the winner of semifinals match between Dave Gilmour and Gus Repetto .  

 In his usual reckless style of play Dave was seen flying around the court, diving for hard to reach shots and in the same point, jumping up to fetch and return the ball ! He was determined to get to the finals match. Dave Gilmour proved to be too much for Gus.  Afterwards Gus stated, "Dave wanted it more than me". Dave Gilmour knew that if he could defeat Gus he would get to replay last years finals match against long time friend and squash rival Bruce Bilow .

 On the morning of this long-awaited match, Bruce Bilow arrived early to STRETCH his sore and aching muscles. Note: Bruce is notorious for rushing on the court without warming up or stretching.  He has been repeatedly instructed to "PLEASE stretch before playing" by his coach, Francis "Friday" Odeh, world renowned squash professional.

 Something was also different with Dave Gilmour on this day.  Dave was surprisingly calm and cordial before the match.  He relaxed as if hadn't a care in the world while perusing the sports pages.  Dave was proudly talking of his son's recent admission to Bucknell and his prowess on the golf course. He was searching for news about his son Tyler's miraculous hole in one.  This was very unusual behavior for Dave. In the past, Dave would not look his opponent in the eye or make idle chit chat just before the match. When asked why he was so relaxed ,Dave said, "I have a new coach". "Whatever, who is your new coach ?" Bruce asked. No answer from Dave- he was beginning to focus on the match and was now putting his game face on. The well known competitive face of Dave Gilmour was beginning to show as he prepared for the ultimate showdown.  

 The match started and both players were ready and determined . Dave Gilmour was full of energy, hitting the ball hard and putting it away with no chance for a return.  Bruce was surprised and lost the first few points.  Somehow, Bruce found a way to keep the ball tight and deep in the back court, allowing him to dominate to first game while conserving energy.  By staying on the "T", hitting deeper crosscourts and rails, Bruce was able to keep Dave runnning hard, trying to desparately stay in the game. Luckily for Bruce, Dave had expended a tremondous amount of energy on that first game and still wasn't able to get the win.

 After a short break both Bruce and Dave returned for the second game . This time Dave did not allow Bruce to sit comfortably at the "T ".  He was able to take Bruce from his gameplan to win the second game.  Again, Dave expended a tremendous amount of energy.  Bruce hoped this would play to his advantage.  

 Game three began.  It was an incredible sight for the spectators as both players seemed to make impossible shots.  Gilmour repeatedly dove in the front court to keep the ball in play.  Only to have Bilow push the ball deep into the corner of the opposite side, challenging Gilmour to dare to retrieve it.  The crowd went wild when Gilmour arose from the ground to fetch Bilow's deep shots.  Bruce congratulated Dave on his valiant efforts during the game.  He was also gentleman enough to allow Dave a few extra seconds to catch his breath and get his heart rate under control.  Bruce pulled off a win in game three.  BOTH players expended a trendous amount of energy.

 Bruce now led the match two games to one and knew he could win it all in this next game. Dave would not make eye contact with his opponent.  He was determined to keep the match alive.

 The crowd roared as Dave continued diving for every hard to reach ball.  Many were miraculously recovered to make not just returns, but winning shots!   Bruce held on by forcing the ball deep and trying to regain control of the "T".  The match came down to Bruce serving for match point with a  lead of 8 to 7. The final point was long with many exchanges.  However, when Dave Gilmour dove to reach a beautifully placed shot in the front right corner, the referee rightfully called "LET STROKE, point , game match for Bruce Bilow."  Dave loudly protested,  "NOOOOO!!!!!!!!   YOU CANNOT CALL THAT ON THE LAST POINT WHEN A PLAYER IS DIVING FOR THE BALL."  The decision was upheld and the match was over .

 Gilmour's pummelling defeat was apparent from his bloodied left elbow and matching abrasions on both knees.  Bruce Bilow sustained a minor scrape on his right pinky.  
 Bruce and Dave congratulated each other on a hard fought battle.  They travelled to Ross's Dockside, Sea Bright for an amazing lunch buffet hosted by friend and fellow Valkyrie Squash Player, Mike Ross.  Here, Valkyrie Squash members gathered for an  awards ceremony, comradery and a few beers .

 Victoria Chishimba devoured her opponents as she took them down to place first overall in the "A" Division Championships.   Roman Bicej and Scott Dight finished 2nd and 3rd Place, respectively.  Eric Pearl defeated Jack Shinnick to take first, while Mike Ross took 3rd in the "C" Division Championship. Bruce Bilow took the "B" Division Championship title with Dave Gilmour and Wilco Eschebach finishing 2nd and 3rd, respectively .

 Sponsors of this years events included; Chad Sullivan of Valkryie Squash Club, Dr. Bruce Bilow of and, Herb Gandel of Ergomundus inc, Dave Gilmour of Wilson Sports, and Mike Ross of Ross's Dockside.  

 Anyone interested in learning about the game of squash, please come down to the Valkyrie Squash Club in Sea Bright new Jersey . Owner Chad Sullivan has made this one of the premier destinations in the state for squash .The clubs professional player and coach Francis Odeh is a world renowned player  and considered one of the top coaches in our country. He will personally teach you the ins and outs of the game. The club has many players of varying abilities and ages so anyone who wants a fun way to exercise and enjoy the camraderie of fellow players please come and visit us at the Valkyrie squash club in SeaBright New Jersey. Call 732-747-0112 or visit online at

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