Golf Carts Caught Speeding Face Fines Too! Police Take Action On Golf Carts With Too Much Power.

Despite what you might think golf carts are not automobiles. They don't have seat belts they don't have tags, titles, or registrations. They certainly don't have the right of way. They fall under the same laws as pedestrians and bicycles
By: Villages Florida News 2008
May 7, 2008 - PRLog -- Like modern day cowboys riding their horses, golfers and joy riders drive their golf carts and are freely occupying the road.  The laws are written somewhere but nobody knows what they are and until now they were never enforced.  Golf carts are the main transportation in many areas in The Villages and some of them fail to yield the right of way causing accidents from minor ones to fatal ones.  Some question the laws and authorities who enforce them. This has stepped up the Lady Lake Police Department to reevaluate their position on applying golf cart laws to the roads.  

Many of the residential roads in The Villages are marked 25 miles per hour.  That speed limit is pertaining to vehicular traffic not any and all traffic.  The laws state for golf carts or any transportation device that is not registered with the State of Florida shall not exceed 18 miles per hour or 1.5 horse power.   This means even a bicycle would be limited to that speed on a residential street.   A golf cart speeding can make it hard to pass with a vehicle with out speeding to get by.  Then once you pass and resume legal speed again the golf cart would eventually overtake you forcing you to continue to speed or make special arrangements for turns while watching for a supped up golf cart.
It is the law that these golf carts come from the factory new with a governor (speed control device) on them.  The carts that are speeding have been tampered with.  Any one caught tampering with these devices would face criminal charges.  The police have sent warnings out to all golf cart service companies, says Tom Colangelo "Don't tamper with the carts because YOU will be responsible" the owner of   Every golf cart the Villages Golf Cart Man rents are set at 18-19 miles per hour.  "Some people complain because they see other people going faster, but what can I do. I just explain the laws." Tom ads.

Driving safe is always on people’s minds, but driving legal is not.  Keep your golf cart under the speed limit or next time you might be the one to get a ticket.  The Villages is growing so fast that people will have to help each other keep it safe and to keep it a friendly place.
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