Putting An End To The Rising Food Commodity Prices

INC Global will hold a biofuel related event that will address the possible solution to the rising food prices. The event - a workshop and visit to a jatropha plantation (owned by D1-Mohan Bio Oil) - will take place in India, from 5 – 7 June 2008.
May 2, 2008 - PRLog -- Following the success of its “Asia Biodiesel Industry 2007 (Singapore)” and “China Biodiesel 2008 (Beijing)” conferences, INC Global Conferences will hold another biofuel related event that will address the possible solution to the rising food prices. This event, a workshop and visit to a jatropha plantation (owned by D1-Mohan Bio Oil) will take place in Chennai, India, from 5 – 7 June 2008.

Rising food prices and surging inflation, have caused many countries to either put a halt or revisit their biofuel development policies. Corn-based ethanol production has doubled the price of corn within a short span of fifteen months forcing Beijing to shift to non-grain feedstock such as sorghum, cassava and sweet potatoes. Minister of State for Food and Public Distribution India, Dr. Akhilesh Prasad Singh, has openly opposed the used of foodgrains to produce biofuels citing it as a threat to food security for the people. Thousands of Indonesia's poor protested to rising cooking oil and soybean prices -- a consequence of strong overseas demand and higher energy prices. Asian biodiesel companies are seeking alternative crops to use as feedstock after crude palm oil prices rose to a record.

In view of the need to combat rising crude oil pricing amidst the rising food prices, non-edible options are being looked at. Jatropha is a hardy plant that produces seeds containing an oil that can be converted to methyl esters and used in biodiesel. Along with other potential feedstock for biofuel - algae, pongamia pinnata and neem - the Jatropha is non-edible and will not compete with other edible options such as soybean and palm oil. India, a leading country in jatropha cultivation, will serve as a prime example for others to follow. Various industry experts from India as well as abroad have been invited to share their experiences and know-how.

Prominent industry experts from India and worldwide have been invited to provide in depth insights to the cultivation and management of this non-edible feedstocks. They include representatives from Enhanced Biofuels & Technologies India P Ltd; Ark Bio Sdn Bhd/ Cosmo Biofuels; Nandan Biomatrix, MGR Biodiesel, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University and Ignace Debruyne & Associate VOF.


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