Energy Management can save up to 35% on Electricity Bills

LCA Energy Management offers proven Software and expertise to Malaysian and Singapore industry and commercial facilities to reduce electricity bills. Also seeking mutually beneficial business relationships in these markets.
Energy Management Software
Energy Management Software
April 28, 2008 - PRLog -- LCA Energy Management Solutions ( ) is an Energy Management Software company based in Ontario, Canada.  The company produces Software for the real time management and reporting of electricity use in Industrial and Commercial Facilities.  LCA is currently seeking customers and Technical Marketing Partners in the Malaysia and Singapore marketplace.

LCA has developed a variety of Windows based Software Packages which have been proven to save as much as 35% on electricity bills.  Savings are accomplished by automatically controlling electrical power use, and by identifying and eliminating electricity inefficiencies.

The LCA automatic control programs interface with customer’s equipment and automatically curtail selected plant loads according to real time load predictions that are constantly compared to targets set by management.  Facility personnel can access the energy data through the software using existing Ethernet communications and authorized users can also access the software remotely using the internet.

The Software is designed to track energy use, producing graphical representations of electricity use in real time.  Historical graphs of all monitored electrical loads are available along with tabular data.

With the ability to generate billing reports that allow for verification of the monthly Electricity Bill, plus the ability to break the Bill down by meter or department, managers can easily spot inefficiencies and calculate energy cost vs production.

LCA Software has been designed to be easy to implement and is very user friendly.  Installation of the Software can be done anywhere in the world by our agents, or remotely via the Internet.

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LCA Energy Management Solutions is based in Ontario, Canada, and provides Software for monitoring and managing energy use in commercial and industrial facilities around the world.  Our speciality is in being able to automatically reduce electricity use when it is economically, environmentally or  monetarily beneficial to do so by measuring and controlling electricity use in real time.

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