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Has society robbed the human dynamic that once enabled children to believe they could become anything they wanted?
The Journey of One
The Journey of One
April 22, 2008 - PRLog -- The frenzy to attain things has usurped the values that once gave our youth a better look at the basic rules of living that unveiled the way to a full and abundant life. Author Emmitt Muckles, in The Journey of One, shows how it is possible to go beyond the pursuit of things and engage in the chase of life and the passion that drives it. This thought – provoking book is sure to make the reader ponder his or her own journey and ask; what would I tell myself if I could visit the child I once was.
    This easy – read fiction is based on a real situation experienced by a young boy, who suffered a traumatic injury during a pickup baseball game. The events that followed opened the tumblers that forever changed his perception of the real world and who he was to become in it.
    Emmitt Muckles is an African American public speaker and businessman who resides in the metro-Detroit area, and who draws from his childhood in his writings. While many of his friends from bygone days fell victim to drugs and crime he chose a different path as the result of a fateful baseball game when he was eight years old.
     A journey of One is available for $12.95 by calling the author at 734-231-2859, or by logging on to .

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