Make Your Contribution in Saving the Planet: Educating Rural Communities and Rescuing Wildlife

The Proyecto Asis Foundation operates as a Spanish as a second language school and offers volunteer programs in order to maintain its wild animal rescue center and its private ecological reserve.
April 20, 2008 - PRLog -- Jabillos, Alajuela -- The Proyecto Asis Foundation operates as a Spanish as a second language school and offers volunteer programs in order to maintain its wild animal rescue center, its private ecological reserve, and to fulfill its environmental education mission in the local community

The foundation's program director is Alvaro del Castillo Vega, "If we want to save the planet and nature, we have to create laws that protect them and education programs so that everyone is familiar with the laws, but it is imperative to create a sense of fraternity with mother nature, and stray away from the cold scientific, utilitarian, and legal forces that favor the manipulation of the environment by those who have only dark interests. Therefore without the scientific, the legal, and the taking advantage of natural resources, one should live with a profound ethical attitude and lovingly care for mother nature and each other, likewise our programs and activities act as promoters and facilitators of this process."

Alvaro adds, "But is is difficult when on one side one should be encouraging people to come, study Spanish, and take part in our volunteer program. But on the other hand, one should also be focused on community education programs, like how to maintain a wild animal rescue center and a biological reserve, although without a doubt it's gratifying to be involved en noble causes."

Fundación Proyecto Asís (Asis Project Foundation) is an organization in Costa Rica that combines humanism and ecology. We have been promoting ecological events for the past 12 years, as well as, communal operations, such as: courses to help people to improve their personal development, teaching the importance of planting native Costa Rican plants in your personal garden, and supporting and encouraging the formation and growth of the Girls and Boys Scouts groups.

Proyecto Asis is based on a private ecological reserve, in San Carlos, Costa Rica, where the damp tropical atmosphere achieves its maximum showing in the form of an unique landscape with luxuriant vegetation and is home of a vast quantity of singing birds of beautiful plumage, as well as a large amount of mammals and insects. They are all expressions of life in this opulent area of life science.

The wild animal rescue center has a mission of helping local wildlife that has suffered misfortunes in hopes of freeing them back again into the wild. For different reasons, there are some animals that we are unable to release. We use these particular animals in our environmental education programs as learning instruments in order to create an awareness of human cruelty towards animals, which breaks our fraternity with nature, which hurts the animals, but ultimately winds up hurting the whole planet.

Asis Spanish Institute ( ) offers Spanish as a second language course. Proyecto Asis uses a methodology of teaching itself, agil and dynamic, with emphasis on conversation. Students learn in open classrooms where traditional walls are replaced with natural landscapes, in close contact with nature, breathing fresh air, taking in the sounds of the birds singing and whispers in the wind that slips between vegetation as background music

In addition to Spanish classes, Proyecto Asis supports its environmental cause through volunteer programs in our ecological reserve, in our local rural communities, and environmental conservation projects, which are done on an individual basis or in association with other governmental organizations or NGO's.

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About Proyecto Asis is an organization dedicated to wildlife protection, environmental conservation, and fostering positive cultural exchanges through education and service.   It serves as an animal rescue center, Spanish school, and volunteer center.  Proyecto Asis’ Animal Rescue Center strives to give the animals the care and respect that they deserve while rehabilitating them.

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