New StartUp Promises to have 1 million mobile applications on the market by 2009

MobiPress Studio is the first software application to allow NON-Technical people to build powerful industry competitive mobile applications and launch them in minutes to a global audience for free or for profit.
April 18, 2008 - PRLog -- The Software is designed to do ALL the developer work for the end-user so he or she can focus on content, marketing and promotions. MobiPress allows users to fully brand their applications and control all the content distributed. Users can sell music, games, videos, articles, news, information and entertainment through their branded mobile applications.

“By allowing the mainstream world to dive into mobile design and development without developers and expensive tool kits will crack the mobile industry wide open and forge a new sense of what’s possible in the mindshare of everyone who has been held back by lack of technical knowledge and lack of easy to use tools. This tool makes mobile applications just like a toaster. Just put in your media and out comes your application.” Says Moses Johnson, creator and founder of I recently decided to add some patented technology to the application so users can build mobile applications they can use to control their televisions and computers like a remote control. We also have some plug-ins for building mobile applications that control your Nintendo Wii console. Our goal is to have over one million applications built by our users by September 2008. We have a robust freeware version of MobiPress so now no one is excluded from getting into the mobile game. and for those who want to sell content and run subscriptions, the options are at their fingertips.”

So far MobiPress Studio is available in three editions. Freeware, Publisher ($149), and Enterprise ($899). When asked why the price for their simplified IDE is so inexpensive, the reply is quick and assured. “We think everyone wants to be on the third screen. They just don’t want to have to learn a bunch of code or pay some guy in some strange country to build it for them. Once the door is open the people will come in. We are banking on that”.

The next question seems obvious… What about advertising and marketing and who are you guys using for mobile payments?

The answer here seems more thoughtful and careful as they think this one over… “We have not decided on which mobile payment services we will endorse for our users yet. We are still in talks and we want to make sure that the ease and cost free nature of our application and service don’t become compromised by a fancy payment gateway that our users can’t afford. Our users definitely want to make money with their applications, it’s up to us to make that an easy experience. So that’s why the MobiPress Studio not only builds branded mobile applications users can control and update remotely, it also gives the user a high-end digital storefront for the web so they can promote their mobile creations in a polished fashion with little effort. We have a huge growing gallery of user created applications. We believe we will be the worlds largest mobile applications provider before the end of the year.”

It all sounds almost to good to be true. I would not believe it if I weren’t sitting here with my own mobile radio application with my face on the interface looking back at me.

MobiPress goes on sale on monday for windows PC’s. There is said to be a Mac version also in the works.

For more info about MobiPress visit:

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