Reborn from hate to faith - Testimony of Jim Tull - Former Leader of Aryan Brotherhood

Jim Tull was a former leader of the Aryan Brotherhood, a well known hate group that preaches White Power and hate towards other races. He is now a Pastor and a missionary with his own ministry.
April 4, 2008 - PRLog -- Reborn fron hate to faith - Testimony of Jim Tull

The photos in this letter are of a person I hardly know anymore. He taught hatred, was a racist and was an abuser of young minds. This man justified it all by saying he wasn't a hypocrite and never did drugs. Of course, this man is me.

For many years I lived by the motto, "We must secure the existence of our people and the future for white children". This was the creed of my Aryan Brothers and many people lived for, and died for, this message. I so firmly believed these words that I had them tattooed on my skin. These were not the only tattoos I had. Other symbols of hatred that permanently mark my body include "G.F.B.D.", which stands for "God Forgives, Brotherhood Doesn't". Because I was President of the East Coast Chapter of the WPO Aryan Brotherhood, I knew for a fact that anyone who went up against the brotherhood would soon find himself in a body bag. I was a true believer in this false message; I believed it so much that I would have died for this message at any given time.

I lived and breathed brotherhood, and I preached hatred to anyone who would listen. I preyed upon the confused, the angry, the troubled and the weak. I fed them full of these lies, that I held as truth, and I turned them into creatures of violence and hate - just like me. My best friend was also all too easily a duped convert. My greatest shame came while I was preaching at a white supremacy rally. I caught a glimpse of my three year old son doing the "white power" salute - just like his daddy. I was bringing the people who were closest to me down to my "hell on earth". This was the life I led for 17 years, and it took a miracle to get me out of it.

But every day of those seventeen years, a kind, loving, caring woman prayed for me and my soul. Through my actions, I had turned my back on my mother, but every day she prayed for a miracle and for me to leave the Aryan brotherhood and to know Christ.

I thought that my heart had been cut out and that I was heartless. I even commemorated this event with a tattoo of my heart being severed by a knife. But... something inside of me started to stir. It's hard to pinpoint what happened to put that miracle into action. I didn't change all at once, but all of the sudden it was no longer appropriate for my son to experience the same things of which I was so proud. I didn't want my wife and family to know that world. But if I stayed in the brotherhood, how could they not know it? Knowing that I had sentenced men to death for leaving, I knew I had to leave the violence, the hatred, the power and the money.

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