Profs’ book spotlights Muslims who convert to Christianity

Faisal Qadri, a Noted Muslim Scholar and Expert on Islam Tells Stories of Former Muslims who Abandon the Faith of Their Fathers and Converted to Christianity
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March 29, 2008 - PRLog -- Seattle, WA -- Those who abandon the Muslim faith of their fathers and their nation to follow Christ give up everything for a Gospel that may demand not only their life but their death.

Now their stories are told in a new book edited by Faisal Qadri, a noted Muslim Scholar and expert on Islam titled “From Crescent to the Cross.”

Qadri is associate professor of religious history and medieval studies and associate dean of University of Manchester and a former Muslim.

The book, published by, contains 6 true stories of Muslims from different countries who made tremendous sacrifices for their faith in places where belief in Jesus Christ is forbidden and punishable by beating, imprisonment, exile or death.

“This book is really for believers to witness boldly and pray fervently for Muslims. “I hope it touches the heart of the Western church and leads them to witness to Muslims”.

Qadri added that Muslims throughout the world need to see examples of faith in former Muslims who have committed to follow Jesus Christ against all opposition. The message to those deciding whether they, too, might make Him their Lord and Savior is that it can be done, Qadri said.

Qadri also noted that he hopes the book would serve as a wakeup call to all Christians to support their brothers and sisters in Christ who are being persecuted in other parts of the world and to courageously be part of the mission’s effort to get the Gospel to those perishing under the shroud of Islam.

“In Western evangelicalism, there is a neglect and ignorance over anything outside of evangelicalism -- in particular, the incredible persecution that Christians face in other parts of the world,” Qadri said. “For us not to pray with them, encourage them and stand with them is really the height of ethnocentrism. I pray that this book will open the eyes of those who haven’t considered the incredible sacrifice made around the world by those who come to faith in Christ and the extreme persecution they endure to stay true to God and His Word.”

Qadri added, “This book is about hope and conviction. The hope is for Muslims who believe they can’t convert. The conviction is because when the Western church looks at what these men and women have endured for the cause of Christ, it should deepen our walk with the Lord. I have personally seen the scars that some of these men have on their backs, and I realize that these are folks who are committed. This will bring conviction to a Western church with a casual walk with the Lord.”


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