Lessons of Conscious Mothering is theme of book by Author Darlene Montgomery

No matter what you heard or learned before your infant was born, there are some lessons that must be learned in practice and by tuning in to yourself and your child.
March 29, 2008 - PRLog -- Motherhood is a life long path, and has many twist and turns with lessons all along the way. Although there are many books and guides on motherhood, author Darlene Montgomery has taken an approach of what she calls Conscious Mothering.

No matter what you heard or learned before your infant was born, there are some lessons that must be learned in practice and by tuning in to yourself and your child. At times, friends will give you advice that on the surface seems right, but is ultimately wrong for you and your child. At times, you may need to do the opposite of what’s been taught to survive your child’s infancy, and other stages of development.

To become a conscious mothers says, Montgomery, practice these 10 things:

•           Listen to your self first.
•          The conscious mother taps in to the infinite and looks for help from intuition and instinct
•         A Conscious Mothers listens to her own heart and trusts what she feels despite external evidence.
•        Knows that being a conscious mother means pioneering for others
•      Conscious Motherhood can be about exploring cutting edge ideas and information.
•      You may be mother to the Indigo Child whose way ahead of their development in every respect. This has it’s own challenges. People will expect more of your child even thought they are still in many respects just a child.
•     Conscious Motherhood is as much a way as a path and there will be mistakes and times of trial and exploration
•     You will most likely learn as much from your child as you will from others. And then there are time your child seems to be say those insightful things that simply floor you. Sometimes your 4 year-old will have words of wisdom for you that will literally make you stop in your tracks because a child hasn’t learned to deny what they know.
•     Or you may have a child with an eating disorder. You may be called upon to explore desperate measures to ensure your child survives.
•    A Conscious mother practices staying in tune through prayer, meditation, spirituality, and living her path with sincerity
•    Walk your talk to be an example to your children and others

When it comes to Mother’s intuition, Darlene Montgomery, author and life coach has learned how to apply it. She’s brought together women from across Canada and the USA to lend their tales of intuition, wisdom and common sense in the area of motherhood. Conscious Women Conscious Mothers: True Stories of Wisdom and Awareness on the Path of Motherhood, 4th book in series Conscious Women Conscious Lives by Toronto publisher, White Knight Books.

The book contains contributions by several Toronto and area women on issues from ADD, sexuality, loss, childbirth, childrearing and several with a mystical flavour.

The book created by Montgomery, former editor with Chicken Soup for the Canadian Soul, contains stories by women from across Canada and USA from all walks of life. Among the contributors are Janet Mathews, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Canadian Soul, Marion Woodman Jungian Analyst and best-selling author and Cynthia Brian (Chicken Soup for the Gardener’s Soul) and many others. To interview Montgomery contact her at Lifedreams@idirect.com. For more on the Conscious Women series visit http://www.lifedreams.org.

It is a book filled with messages of hope that only women can provide to other women.

Darlene Montgomery is an internationally respected authority on dreams, spiritual perspectives and ideas. She is an author, speaker who has appeared at conferences iinternationally. Darlene appears regularly in the media across North America. As publicist and associate editor for Chicken Soup for the Parent's Soul and best-selling, Chicken Soup for the Canadian Soul, she helped compile, write, and edit hundreds of stories and has had several of her own published. Her articles appear on WTN website, Vitality Magazine, Synchronicity Magazine and others.

Website: www.lifedreams.org
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