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Keisha R Holland is a writer who has started her career with the publication of two books. She has published Milieu and Reading Playground. Holland is from Chicago and lives in Maryland and wishes for a great future as a writer.
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Milieu and Reading Playground
by Keisha R Holland

In her debut as a writer, Keisha Holland celebrates the publication of two books. Milieu and Reading Playground are two great collections of poetry that readers will truly identify with and enjoy.  In these two books, Holland characterizes common people and common situations in ways that allow readers to understand and undercover a deeper connection to life.  

Milieu is a collection of poetry that embodies the social climate of many generations.  In this collection, there is a poem for everyone and for every emotion.  Milieu is a life experience of trials and tribulations that present themselves through everyday events.  Reading this book will take you on a journey through the experiences of those you know and those you don’t know, but have heard about.  In a sonnet entitled, “Embodiment,” Holland creates images that define poetry through a personified poem:
                                         I am a new concept developing
                                        broader ideas that will express new hope
                                        and make new dreams only an illusion
                                        I can foresee of, them make meaning to tell about
This excerpt details an example of how Holland uses abstractions in Milieu as physical beings that have a voice.

Reading Playground is a collection of poems, short stories, and a play for children of many different ages to relate to, to experience, and to enjoy.  Children will best relate to this book because of the words and pictures that mimic aspects of their lives.  Reading Playground will make children want to read, laugh, dance, and create new images inside of their heads.  

Holland writes about the affect reading can have and compares it to the fun children have when on a playground.  In her poem “Rhythm,” she describes reading, as stimulating events that can make you want to sing, laugh and creatively play:  
                                                 See the words
                                                  that bring a smile,
                                                 giving me the song
                                                  I like to sing.

As children read this book, they will develop a new appreciation of words and comprehend the true purpose of reading: growth.  

About the Author
Keisha R Holland is a teacher and writer in Maryland.  

Book Information
Title: Milieu                                            
Author: Keisha R Holland                  
ISBN: 978-1-4343-1059-0                

Title: Reading Playground
Author: Keisha R Holland
ISBN: 978-1-4343-1086-6

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